‘Lost’ Episode 6: Ryu Jun Yeol Worries About Jeon Do Yeon After Seeing Her Note of Goodbyes + Drama Sees Slight Rise in Viewership Rating

Lost Episode 6
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Jeon Do Yeon
Ryu Jun Yeol

JTBC's melodrama "Lost," starring Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol, aired its sixth episode on Sunday, September 19.

In the latest episode, Kang Jae (Ryu Jun Yeol) shows his immense worry for the poor Boo Jung (Jeon Do Yeon), who has given up on life.

"Lost" also recorded a slight rise, after its all-time low percentage ratings in viewership.

'Lost' Episode 6 Highlights: Kang Jae Shows His Concern About Boo Jung

In the latest episode, Kang Jae and Boo Jung took a turn that changed their unusual and complicated relationship.

'Lost' Stills
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Kang Jae learns something through Tak (Yoo Su Bin), who had seen an unfamiliar name in Jung Woo's (Na Hyun Woo) phone in the past.

The phrase "sharing worries about people with depression is a world without pain" was seen in Jung Woo's phone, which Tak vividly remembered.

Meanwhile, Kang Jae finds a suspicious envelope in Jong Hoon's (Ryu Ji Hoon) room. Ah Ran (Park Ji Young) gave him a signed book, a bundle of drafts and manuscripts, and a handwritten suicide note. He was convinced that the author is a VIP guest of Jong Hoon, and the same woman who humiliated Boo Jung before.

'Lost' Stills
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Kang Jae then wakes up in their home, where he spent the night with his older sister Soon Gyu (Jo Eun Ji ) and brother Woo Nam (Yang Dong Geun). As he heads home, he sees Boo Jung, who was offered a ride by his kind older sister.

'Lost' Stills
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The two, Kang Jae and Boo Jung, reunited in the car, sitting side-by-side awkwardly.

Kang Jae Meets Boo Jung in an Unfamiliar Motel Room

The subtle eye contact of Kang Jae and Boo Jung, who are both facing each other, creates tension inside the unfamiliar motel room. The complicated relationship between Kang Jae and Boo Jung becomes more and more complicated.

However, the letter Boo Jung wrote to his father that was full of resentment and regret in her life, expressed her grief and desperation.

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At the end of the episode, the gentle touch of Kang Jae and the worry in his heart hints at a change in their relationship. Attention is focused on the story of Boo Jung and Kang Jae, who stare at each other with deep and strong emotions.

'Lost' Sees a Slight Rise in Viewership Ratings

'Lost' Special Poster
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During the broadcast of the sixth episode of "Lost," the drama recorded an average rating of 2.7% viewership rating and a nationwide rating of 2.3%. It is slightly higher than its previous episode, which gained a 1.6% rating.

The drama is about to reach its second half, and the production team hopes to continue to see a rise in the nationwide viewership ratings.

"Lost" airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC.

It is also available for streaming on iQIYI.

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