6 Non-Romantic K-Dramas To Watch this 2021 If You are Not Into Heart Fluttering Love Stories

Taxi Driver
Squid Game
Kingdom: Ashin of the North
Move To Heaven
Non-Romantic K-Dramas
Non-Romantic K-Dramas 2021
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New K-dramas released in 2021 offered a wide array of genres--from all-time favorite rom-com series, the much-awaited sequel to thriller-mystery, and more.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of romance and lovey-dovey storylines that could make some swoon over to every heart-fluttering moment.

For others who are looking for mind-boggling and thrilling scenes, here are six non-romantic K-dramas this 2021 that aren't built around relationships and sweet moments.


D.P Main Poster
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Released on August 27, "D.P" stars Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan, who took on the roles of Private Ahn Jun Ho and Corporal Han Ho Yul.

In the action-packed K-drama, the duo is tasked to hunt down deserters and find out the reason why soldiers feel the need to abandon their duty without official leave.

Just in case you are curious about the action drama, you may want to check out the six-episode series on Netflix.

'Taxi Driver'

Lee Je Hoon Transforms into a Justice-Seeking Driver in Upcoming drama ‘Taxi Driver’
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Lee Je Hoon Transforms into a Justice-Seeking Driver in Upcoming drama ‘Taxi Driver’

Another series that would put you at the edge of your seat is Lee Je Hoon's K-drama "Taxi Driver."

The SBS series is based on the webtoon of the same name that follows the story of Kim Go Ki, a former soldier at Special Forces whose mother is brutally murdered by a serial killer.

In hopes of avenging his loved one, he joins the secret organization headed by the Rainbow Taxi CEO Jang Sung Chul (Kim Eui Sung.)

During their mission, Do Ki was tasked to go undercover and avenge the victims whom the law failed to protect.

Unfortunately, their mission is not as easy as it sounds since Prosecutor Kang Ha Na (Esom) is on the lookout for the members of the organization.

'Squid Game'

Squid Game
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The latest K-drama craze for non-romantic viewers is Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo's "Squid Game."

The Netflix series showcases a deadly survival game featuring 456 cash-trapped individuals with hopes of bagging the highly coveted prize of 40 million USD.

However, the catch here is players must survive six rounds of children's games and only one winner will be declared as the champion.

"Squid Game" is currently available on Netflix with a total of nine episodes.

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'Kingdom: Ashin of the North'

Kingdom: Ashin of the North
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The special episode from the mega-hit K-zombie series, "Kingdom: Ashin of the North," stars Jun Ji Hyun as Ashin, the woman who was abandoned by all.

Cast members also include Kim Shi Ah as the young Ashin, alongside Park Byung Eun, who reprised his role as Royal Commendantry member Min Chi Rok and "D.P" star Goo Kyo Hwan as the villain and the leader of Pajeowi tribe Ai Da Gan.

"Kingdom: Ashin of the North" displays the origin of the purple flower plant that brought chaos into the whole dynasty.

'Move to Heaven'

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From action to thriller K-dramas, now we move to tear-jerker series "Move to Heaven" with lead star Lee Je Hoon and "Racket Boys" actor Tang Jung Sang.

This slice of life drama illustrated the life of Han Geu Ru, a teenage boy with Asperger's Syndrome and was left as an orphan.

Despite his father's death, he continued their service named Move to Heaven, responsible for arranging the items left by the deceased.

He works alongside his uncle Cho Sang Gu, a former martial artist involved in underground matches.


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If you want to indulge yourself in a major cryfest, then "Navillera" is for you.

It stars Song Kang, who took on the role of Lee Chae Rok, a pro ballet dancer with veteran actor Park in Hwan as 70-year-old Shim Deok Chul who wants to fulfill his dreams of becoming a ballerino.

In the drama, viewers can witness the odd yet heartwarming friendship between the two despite their age.

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