‘One the Woman’ Episode 3: Lee Honey Realizes Something About Her True Identity + Drama Records a New Personal Best in Ratings

One The Woman
One the Woman Episode 3
Lee Honey
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SBS TV's highly anticipated romance comedy series "One the Woman" finally aired its third episode, which broke the drama's own rating as it achieved a new personal best.

In the third episode, Han Seung Wook becomes suspicious of Kang Mi Na, played by Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Honey respectively, who realizes something about her true identity.

'One the Woman' Episode 3 Highlight: Lee Honey Realizes Something About Her True Identity

To recall, prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo, also played by Lee Honey, gets hit by a car which causes her trauma that resulted in her retrograde amnesia.
When she woke up from coma, she didn't really remember anything, but she is now Hanju Group's Kang Mi Na who is next in line in the succession.

'One the Woman'
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In the latest episode, Han Seung Wook gets suspicious about Kang Mi Na's true identity. After observing the woman for quite a while, he soon realizes that it was a fake Kang Mi Na.

On the other hand, the poor prosecutor remembers bits and pieces of her accident, realizing that she is not the real Kang Mi Na.

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Jo Yeon Joo raises more doubts by revealing that Kang Mi Na's shoes do not fit her, heightening suspicions.

When Seung Wook asks whether she is the real Mi Na or not, Yeon Joo expresses her shock. She then reveals that she is not the heiress and she only looks like her.

Han Seung Wook Devises a Plan to Protect Kang Mi Na

After Jo Yeon Joo visits the hospital, her doctor advises her to go to the accident site to find clues about the tragic incident with the speculation that the perpetrator may have caused the accident on purpose.

'One the Woman'
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In order to protect the real Kang Mi Na, Han Seung Wook, who is currently the largest shareholder, devises a plan to have the Jo Yeon Joo, the fake Kang Mi Na, inherit the group.

On the other hand, Han Seong Hye, Kang Mi Na's sister-in-law, fires up with rage after seeing her brother, Seung Wook, at the meeting.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)
'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

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At the end of the episode, it was then revealed that Han Seong Hye planned to hit Kang Mi Na with the car after the auction event, but accidentally hit the prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo instead.

K-Drama 'One the Woman' Achieves New Personal Best

The drama aired its pilot episode and reached a nationwide rating of 8.2%, seeing a slight dip in the second episode with a 7.1% rating.

"One the Woman" episode three recorded a new personal best of an average rating of 13.2%, and a nationwide rating of 12.7%, which is the highest rating as of the moment.

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