‘One the Woman’ Lists Down 3 Mystery Points to Look Out For in the New Drama + Episode 3 Release Date

One The Woman
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SBS TV's newest romantic comedy, "One the Woman," starring Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon, received positive feedback from its viewers with its first two episodes.

The drama follows the story of prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo who lost her memories due to a traumatic accident, who is now living the lavish life of Kang Mi Na, who looks exactly like her.

On September 22, the production team of "One the Woman" listed down three mystery points to look out for in watching the new drama.

Kang Mi Na's Suspicious Movements and Disappearance

To recall, Kang Mi Na disappeared from the painting auction event where, at the same time, Jo Yeon Joo went to.

In the auction event, Kang Mi Na surprised everyone by raising 200 million at once for the auction price. Jo Yeon Joo, who was paying attention to the auction, gets surprised as Kang Mi Na's face appears on the screen, who looks exactly just like her.

'One the Woman'
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Kang Mi Na then receives a shady phone call from the gallery manager and says, "I'm ready."

In addition to that, she heightens the mystery by saying, "Are you coming soon?"

Attention is focused on who Kang Mi Na is speaking with, her suspicious plan and movements, and most especially, her disappearance.

Jo Yeon Joo's Tragic Incident and the Man Behind It

Her shocking experience seeing a woman who looks like her, Jo Yeon Joo sees the high-class con artist Lee Bong Sik (Kim Jae Young), and follows after him.

'One the Woman'
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However, the prosecutor misses the criminal in the underground parking lot who is looking at her in utter disbelief through the window.

Lee Bong Sik thinks of the heiress Kang Mi Na, and says, "How can they look exactly the same?"

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'One the Woman'
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But at the speed of light, the car passes by quickly towards her, which causes an accident that results in her saddening memory loss.

Questions about the unknown identity of the driver who collided with the prosecutor are on the table, raising curiosity.

Where is the Real Kang Mi Na?

After prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo was taken to the hospital, the heiress Kang Mi Na disappeared without a trace.

Kim Kyung Shin (Ye Su Jeong), Hanju Group's housekeeping assistant, checks the CCTV footage of the hotel, who sees the tragic accident that happened to Jo Yeon Joo.

'One the Woman'
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Because the two look exactly like each other, the housekeeper mistakes the prosecutor for the heiress and quickly inquires in the hospital about her status.

After Jo Yeon Joo regains consciousness, she is diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. To top all of that, she now lives as the elite heiress of the Hanju Group, Kang Mi Na.

In the middle of the chaos, the real Kang Mi Na, who disappeared after the auction event, is nowhere to be found. The curiosity about Kang Mi Na's whereabouts as well as her reasons is at their maximum.

'One the Woman' Episode 3 Release Date

Choi Hyung Hun and Kim Yoon's masterpiece "One the Woman" is now in its second week.

The much anticipated third episode of "One the Woman" is scheduled to air on Friday, September 24, which will feature the transition of the prim-and-proper Kang Mi Na to a more aggressive and hot-tempered one in the form of the prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo.

It will air on SBS TV at 10:00 p.m. KST. The drama is also available for worldwide streaming on Viu.

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While you're here, watch "One the Woman" Episode 3 preview here:

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