‘Squid Game’ Remains No. 1 on Netflix Worldwide + To Release in France, Mexico, and More

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Kdrama Squid Game, starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo, remain No. 1 on Netflix US and will be available for release to more than ten countries! 

K-Drama Squid Game Remains Unbeatable on Netflix

On September 27, News1 stated that director Hwang Dong Hyuk's Kdrama Squid Game continues to soar high in various countries. The record-breaking series takes the top spot on Netflix worldwide in the television program category for four consecutive days.

Meanwhile, it remains No. 1 in the United States for six consecutive days.

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Squid Game

According to a global OTT content ranking site, Flix Patrol, Squid Game topped the world's Top 10 TV programs (Show) category on September 26 in US standard time, which ranks television programs such as dramas and entertainment.

As a result, Squid Game tops the list for four days from September 23 to September 26.

In addition, Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo's new Kdrama Squid Game also reserved its spot and remains No. 1 on Netflix Today's Top 10 Contents and Netflix Today's Top 10 TV Programs.

Squid Games
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Squid Game

Since day one of its release, Squid Game has maintained its position in Korea's Top 10 TV Programs.

Recently, Kdrama Squid Game beat Sweet Home and Money Heist on Netflix, and now, the drama keeps dominating the world rankings.

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Squid Game to Release in 13 More Countries + Merch Becomes Popular Online

Due to its phenomenal success and continued popularity overseas, Netflix Kdrama Squid Game is set to release in more countries, namely in France, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Poland, Norway, and Turkey.

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Lee Jung Jae Squid Game

Aside from the drama itself, various products that were seen on Squid Game are also gaining attention from the public. The keywords "Goods for Squid Game" are now popular overseas.

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea )
Squid Game still

Since it was the first Korean work to acquire the top spot on Netflix US, it has been said that many are looking for the merchandise and food in the series on the online e-commerce sites.

On eBay, the players' uniform and lunch boxes are being sold higher than the original prices in South Korea.

Netflix Korea Unveils the Making of Squid Game

Netflix Korea officially revealed the behind the scenes footage of the megahit series.

All the special effects, hard working staff who assembled all the machines used for the games, the actors who showed professionalism at work, and other never before seen clips are seen on the uploaded YouTube video.

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Written by Shai Collins.

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