‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Stills: Drinking Buddies Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji, and Super Junior Siwon Enjoy Cold Beer After Work

Work Later Drink Now
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Super Junior Siwon
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The first stills of TVING's new romantic comedy series "Work Later, Drink Now" were released on September 27, featuring drinking buddies Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Eunji, and Siwon, who have bottomless pits for a cold beer.

"Work Later, Drink Now" is based on the webtoon "Drunk City Maidens" written by writer Mikkang.

'Work Later, Drink Now' Stills: Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji, and Super Junior Siwon Enjoy Cold Beer Together

In the newly released stills, drinking buddies Ahn So Hee (Lee Sun Bin), Han Ji Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), Kang Ji Goo (Apink Eunji), and Kang Book Goo (Super Junior Siwon) gather after work to enjoy their ice-cold beer to end their hectic day.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

The new stills highlight the four friends' interesting lifestyles and drinking habits. In the first photo, Ahn So Hee is seen working and drinking at the same time, drinking a mug of beer in front of her and her laptop, raising curiosity about her daily life.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Yeon shows off her sweet and chic smile, displaying her charm as a veteran alcohol drinker. She raises her soju glass and arouses anticipation, attention focused on how she survives her fierce social life despite lacking a bit of wit.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)
'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

Kang Ji Goo, on the other hand, sports a cynical expression while picking a beer, sharing a glimpse of her personality who doesn't open up her heart easily. Curiosity is drawn about how her life plays out surrounded by only alcohol, work, and her small circle of friends.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

Finally, Kang Book Goo joins the squad with his unique sense of humor, adding chemistry and fun to the team.

The combination of Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Eunji, and Siwon gives off an interesting color, showing off their sweet charms and perfect synergy, raising expectations for their release.

K-Drama 'Work Later, Drink Now' Summary and Further Details

"Work Later, Drink Now" follows the story of four friends who believe that drinking alcohol after work is the best way to relieve day-to-day stress.

Lee Sun Bin is set to play the role of a broadcast writer who is friends with Han Sun Hwa and Eunji, who is a yoga instructor and an origami YouTuber.

The three of them enjoy their time together, drinking their stresses and worries away.
On the other hand, Siwon acts as a producing director and Lee Sun Bin's senior.

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"Work Later, Drink Now" marks the very first project of the four actors together.

'Work Later, Drink Now' Production and Release Date

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

The new TVING drama "Work Later, Drink Now" is a contemporary drama that aims to resonate with its viewers of all ages, and it is directed by Kim Jung Sik and penned by Wi So Young.

Jung Eun Pyo and Han Ji Hyo will also participate in the drama.

It is scheduled to air on TVING in October of the year 2021.

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