Meet the Man Behind Song Joong Ki’s Character in the Record-Breaking K-Drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’

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Descendants of the Sun
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Admit it or not but 2016 was a year of top-notch Kdramas that hit the screens and internet by storm. Proving this is the megahit KBS2 series Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, and rose to become one of the most successful Kdramas of all time.

But have you ever wondered if Captain Yoo Shi Jin was based on real life? Here's what we know.

Song Joong Ki -Vincenzo
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Song Joong Ki Vincenzo

Does Song Joong Ki's Role as Captain Yoo Shi Jin Exist in Real Life?

Almost five years since the drama concluded yet Descendants of the Sun fans remain hopeful for another season, or a Song-Song couple reunion, or at least a mini-reunion of the cast.

Apart from its stellar cast and big budget production, many Kdrama enthusiasts were in awe with the unique storyline about a soldier and a doctor. Their relationship, though conflicting, didn't stop them from doing their responsibilities and duties to their profession.

Song Hye Kyo
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Song Hye Kyo Descendants of the Sun

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Meet Choi Young Jae, the Man Who's Said to be the Inspiration Behind Yoo Shi Jin's Character

Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Kang Mo Yeon's (Song Hye Kyo) story remains in every fan's hearts. But have you ever wondered if some of the characters in the series exist in real life? We bet some of you do!

Song Joong Ki - Descendants of the Sun
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Song Joong Ki Descendants of the Sun

In a recent episode of KBS2's entertainment program "The Problem Solvers in the Rooftop" that aired on September 28, a former member of the 707 Special Mission, Choi Young Jae, and former member of SSU Marine Rescue Team, Hwang Choong Won, appeared as guests.

During the show, one of the program's hosts asked Choi Young Jae if he was the inspiration behind Captain Yoo Shi Jin, played by Song Joong Ki in KBS2 drama Descendants of the Sun.

Choi Young Jae
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Meet the Man Behind Song Joong Ki’s Character in the Record-Breaking K-Drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’

Choi Young Jae answered, "When the 'Descendants of the Sun' came out, my acquaintances contacted me, saying 'Isn't this about you?' Song Joong Ki in the drama is the same as me in Unit 707 and even the age of 31 matched."

He continued and mentioned specific scenes from the drama based on real-life situations, saying, "The story of the actual fight with the U.S. military in Iraq and the story of receiving a free pass business card from the Arab royal family are similar to what had happened to me."

Choi Young Jae was surprised to see some of his real-life scenarios in Song Joong Ki's drama.

As the conversation went on, Choi Young Jae made the other members laugh when he said that there might be someone who revealed his identity, even joking there might be a security leak.

South Korean President Called Choi Young Jae 'Handsome Bodyguard'

Choi Young Jae appeared in various Korean variety shows already and he always got the same questions about the drama and also received compliments that he really has similarities to Song Joong Ki. 

He was also a bodyguard in Blue House and the South Korean president compliments him by calling him a "Handsome Bodyguard."

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What can you say about this shocking revelation? Share it with us in the comments!

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