JTBC Unveils EXID Hani’s Stills as a Lonesome Idol in Upcoming Drama

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Broadcast giant JTBC's upcoming drama "IDOL" unveiled new stills of EXID Hani's character, who is a lonesome girl group idol.

Cosmic Girls Exy, Kwak Si Yang, and Kim Min Gyu are also part of the forthcoming drama.

EXID Hani Transforms Into a Failed Idol in JTBC's 'IDOL'

EXID Hani, who has been in the entertainment scene for more than seven years, takes the spotlight as an actress who will portray a leader of an idol group who is on the verge of disbandment.

In the drama, Hani will take on the role of Kim Je Na, the leader of the six-year-old idol group "Cotton Candy", which has been dubbed as a "failure".

Kim Je Na is an all-rounder and "ace" who struggles to keep her beloved girl group alive. She composes and produces songs, sings, dances, and is very talented in many different ways.

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In the newly released stills, the upcoming drama shares a glimpse of Kim Je Na's character. In the first photo, she smiles brightly at a friend, displaying how cheerful her character is despite being in a difficult situation.

In the second photo, she takes her mask off as she shows her weary side, worrying about her girl group's future while immersing in her work as the leader.

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Because of Hani's experiences as an idol, who received popularity and attention worldwide and was one of the most successful girl groups of their generation, she is expected to display an excellent performance with her idol background.

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The drama producers of "IDOL" said, "EXID Hani's innate liveliness and bright personality show a perfect synchronization with Kim Je Na. Please look forward to seeing how Kim Je Na and Cotton Candy surpass their difficult situation together as a group."

K-Drama 'IDOL' Summary and What We Know For Now

JTBC's "IDOL" portrays the final story of the "failure" girl group who needs a single "success" as a closure before they "disband".

It tells the story of young people who dream and lose, and are now confidently accepting their failure as they take courageous actions towards their new goals in their lives.

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EXID Hani, Cosmic Girls Exy, "Oh My Ghost" actor Kwak Si Yang, and rookie actor Kim Min Gyu will lead the forthcoming JTBC drama.

In the drama, EXID Hani and Cosmic Girls Exy, two popular female idols work hand-in-hand as Cotton Candy members. The group is the first all-girls group of Star Peace Entertainment.

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On the other hand, Kwak Si Yang, an experienced actor, will take on the role of Star Peace Representative Cha Jae Hyeok. Rookie actor Kim Min Gyu plays the role of Seo Ji Han, a member of the popular idol group "Mars", who is a labelmate of Kim Je Na's group.

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The drama is slated to air in November of 2021. Meanwhile, EXID Hani is currently starring in the romantic comedy drama "You Raise Me Up" together with actor Yoon Si Yoon.

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