Confirmed! MBC’s ‘The Veil’ to Have a Spin-Off + Story to Focus on Park Ha Sun and Jung Moon Sung’s Characters

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MBC The Veil will return but with a twist, and these are the things that you should know about it!

Before action-spy Kdrama The Veil' Part 1 comes to an end, MBC made a surprise announcement on October 13 that the hit TV series will have a second part. 

The Friday-Saturday drama The Veil is already near the climax as the characters are a step closer in knowing the truth. 

Namgoong Min -The Veil
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Namgoong Min The Veil

In the previous episode, viewers were shocked about the sudden deaths of Seo Yoo Yeon (Park Ha Sun), whom Han Ji Hyuk (Namgoong Min) strongly suspected as the internal traitor, and agent Jang Chun Woo (Jung Moon Sung).

Park Ha Sun, Jung Moon Sung and Jang Young Nam for The Veil Spin-Off

As the story progresses, Mobius: The Veil is set to be produced next as it will focus more on Seo Yoo Yeon and Jang Chun Woo's story. It is for the viewers to see more of their real identities. 

Park Ha Sun
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)
Confirmed! MBC’s ‘The Veil’ to Have a Spin-Off + Story to Focus on Park Ha Sun, Jung Moon Sung and Jang Young Nam’s Characters

In addition to the report, The Veil production team confirmed that the spin-off will be produced on October 29 and 30 at 10 p.m (KST). It is expected to give a clearer perspective on Seo Yoo Yeon, Jang Chun Woo and Do Jin Sook's (Jang Young Nam) characters and a project for the viewers to understand the worldview of the Korean drama. 

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Mobius: The Veil Synopsis

The upcoming Part 2 will depict the stories of Seo So Yeon, a former reporter who became a NIS agent, Jang Chun Woo, the black agent, and Deputy Chief, Do Jin Sook, who commands the overseas department. 

Jang Young Nam
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A production member shared that every character in The Veil has their own hidden story. He added that the team decided to release a spin-off for the reason that they want to showcase the stories of the three characters that are not included in Part 1.

Namgoong Min and The Veil Milestones

Namgoong Min -The Veil
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Namgoong Min’The Veil

With The Veil growing popularity, the MBC thriller-action series was sold to more than 20 countries, including the US, Japan, UAE, Taiwan, Mongolia, and more.

Meanwhile, lead actor Namgoong Min topped the October K-drama Actor Brand Ranking Reputation. 

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Written by Shai Collins.

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