‘Squid Game’ Stars Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Joo Ryung and Heo Sung Tae Reveal Why ‘Tug-of-War’ was the Hardest Game

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'The Swoon' uploaded a video interview of the "Squid Game" cast sharing some of their recent achievements as a team and as individual artists since the Netflix series rose to fame.

'Squid Game' Stars Answers Questions While Doing the Dalgona Candy Challenge

Before the interview started, the cast was given the famous Dalgona Candy, which was also featured in the series. While answering the questions, Jung Ho Yeon, Wi Ha Joon, Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Joo Ryung, Heo Sung Tae, and Anupam Tripathi should succeed in breaking the toffee candy around a preset shape without breaking the whole thing.

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Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea )

Cast was Surprise about the Massive Following They Receive on Instagram

For the first question, the cast members were asked how they feel about the popularity of "Squid Game," and most of them namely Wi Ha Joon, Kim Joo Ryung, Heo Sung Tae, Lee Yoo Mi said that they have all gained lots of followers on Instagram.

Kim Joo Ryung
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Kim Joo Ryoung shared that many international fans keep on visiting her profile and praising her authentic Korean beauty.

Meanwhile, Heo Sung Tae shared his recent hilarious experience that fans keep on sending him messages on Instagram telling him to take them to the bathroom. It was one of his scenes in the series that left a trademark to the viewers.

Squid Game Heo Sung Tae
(Photo : Heo Sung Tae Official Instagram)

The cast mentioned that they have great chemistry with each other and even though someone has no scheduled scene to film in, that person will still be present on the set to watch and support the other cast.

Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Ho Yeon
(Photo : Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram)

Anupam Tripathi said that they are already like a family during and after the drama finished.

With all the children's games used in the series, the cast also revealed which among those games is the hardest to do.

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Here's Why 'Tug-of-War' was the Hardest Game in 'Squid Game'

For Heo Sung Tae, Kim Joo Ryoung, and Lee Yoo Mi, the hardest one was the "Tug-of-War." Yoo Mi explained that they were all using their strength in pulling the rope but not against each other but against a machine.

Lee Yoo Mi
(Photo : Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram)

She added that no matter how hard they pulled, they couldn't win. Heo Sung Tae, on the other hand, said that he threw up many times and even screamed due to frustration. Kim Joo Ryung admitted that she got exhausted while filming the "Tug-of-War," but it was still a fun experience for her as an actress.

To know more about their recent interiew, watch the video here!

Have you watched "Squid Game"? What's your favorite game in the series so far? Share it with us in the comments!

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