Red Velvet Joy Dating History: Here are the Men Who Made the ‘Tempted’ Star’s Heart Flutter Before Crush

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If you are asked to list the most beautiful K-Pop idols and actresses in this generation, surely, Red Velvet member and actress Joy would easily be included in the list.

She started her career in 2014 as a singer and member of the record-breaking girl group Red Velvet under SM Entertainment which houses fellow million-sellers NCT, EXO, SHINee, and Girls' Generation.

After three years, she widened her spectrum and made her television debut as an actress in tvN''s smash-hit series "The Liar and His Lover".

Since then, dating rumors started to arise one by one. The "Tempted" actress also coupled up with "Goblin" star and fellow idol BTOB Sungjae, gaining a huge and solid fan base worldwide.

Red Velvet Joy Dating History: Who are the Men Who Made the 'Tempted' Star's Heart Flutter?

"The Liar and His Lover" actress revealed that she is a novice when it comes to relationships, and since she debuted, she didn't really think of getting into one.

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However, fans have seen potential partners for the singer-actress who would be a really good match for her. Stay tuned to find out.

NCT Jaehyun

The 25-year-old singer and actor Jaehyun, who is also a member of the group NCT, is one of the most handsome male figures in the entertainment industry.

NCT Jaehyun
(Photo : NCT127 Instagram)
NCT Jaehyun

Because of this, Jaehyun didn't pass through the eyes of fans of both groups under SM Entertainment.

Both Joy and Jaehyun belong to the younger members of their respective groups, and not only that, the two also have brief interactions on stage.

Joy, and the members of Red Velvet, also visited the NCT member in their radio show with NCT Johnny. The Red Velvet members are also close to the two, cracking jokes casually with each other.

NCT127 Jaehyun
(Photo : NCT127 Instagram)
NCT Jaehyun

Joy is fond of Jaehyun, and other NCT members as well, but the two are great friends and colleagues, and relationships beyond that don't exist.

BTOB Sungjae

The "School 2015" star coupled up with the "Tempted" actress in the MBC romantic television show "We Got Married" for more than 50 episodes.

"We Got Married" is a show that pairs up celebrities who pretend to be married couples while completing various couple challenges together.

During its broadcast, Joy revealed that she has no previous experiences with dating, since she started her vigorous training in her high school years.

Red Velvet Joy
(Photo : Red Velvet Joy Instagram)

However, Joy thinks she would make a pretty great girlfriend, boasting how she can sing well and make her boyfriend happy with her beagle-like personality.

BTOB's Yook Sungjae
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BTOB Sungjae

The idol-actors established a really great partnership, even gaining a worldwide fanbase for the "SungJoy Couple".

Over the course of the show, the two formed a mutual understanding for each other, however, the two didn't end up getting involved in any dating rumors after its conclusion.

Despite the fans' clamor over the on-screen couple, the two remained good friends and kept in touch. Moreover, "SungJoy" fanatics still wish that the idol-actors would end up together some time in the future.

Red Velvet Joy Dating Status 2021: Happy Heart, Happy Life

The year 2021 was honestly Red Velvet Joy's year. In the early months of the year, Joy received exclusive acting offers for her to lead forthcoming dramas that will air in the same year.

"Tempted" actress Joy is set to diversify her role as she accepted to lead the JTBC drama "Only One Person" with Kim Kyung Nam, Ahn Eun Jin, and Kang Ye Won.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush are in a relationship
(Photo : Crush Instagram)
Red Velvet Joy and Crush are in a relationship

Aside from that, she also made her hot solo debut as a soloist with her lead single "Hello". Not to mention, she and her group also came back with a new album "Queendom", which sold many copies and charted in many digital charts worldwide.

In addition to her prosperous career and happy life, her heart is also full of joy, just like her name.

On August 23, the "Tempted" actress was confirmed to be dating r&b singer-songwriter and producer Crush.

The two first met each other after their successful collaboration in the 2020 song "Mayday".

SM Entertainment and P NATION, Joy and Crush's respective agencies, confirmed the news, saying, "The two had a wonderful senior-junior relationship, and began dating with good feelings for each other."

Red Velvet Joy and Crush are in a relationship
(Photo : Crush Instagram)
Red Velvet Joy and Crush are in a relationship

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Although there are many fans who were shocked, there are still a lot of people who were joyful to know that the singer-actress is happy with her career and love life.

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