Red Velvet Yeri and PENTAGON Hongseok’s Romantic Melodrama ‘Blue Birthday’ Ends Blissfully + Yeri Shares Her Thoughts on Her First Successful Lead Acting Role

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Playlist Originals' romantic thriller melodrama "Blue Birthday" starring Red Velvet Yeri and PENTAGON Hongseok ended blissfully on Saturday, September 11.

The melodrama, which gained praise both domestically and internationally, successfully wrapped up with 16 episodes.

Red Velvet Yeri and PENTAGON Hongseok's 'Blue Birthday' Ends Blissfully

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Red Velvet Yeri and PENTAGON Hongseok's first drama project together, "Blue Birthday", closed its curtains successfully on September 11.

The drama, where Yeri and Hongseok showed their their outstanding acting skills through realistically portraying their characters Ha Rin and Seo Ju, followed the story of the 28-year-old Ha Rin who goes back and forth to the past and present, and unravel the secrets of her late boyfriend's death 10 years ago.

In the finale episode, which aired last week, Ha Rin sheds tears when she sees her first love Seo Jun who was injured while trying to protect her. The narration which translates to "The right choice is the choice with no regrets", leaves a huge impression.

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The melodrama "Blue Birthday" ended blissfully with Ha Rin and Seo Jun rekindling their lost love and time.

Red Velvet Yeri Shares Her Thoughts on Her First Successful Acting Role

Red Velvet's Yeri in 'Blue Birthday'
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The idol and actress shared her deep thoughts and feelings toward the drama, which ended with a huge success. She said, ""Blue Birthday" taught me a lot of things, and it was a great opportunity to be able to portray the character of Ha Rin. I sincerely thank the viewers who traveled with me through time, who supported and loved Ha Rin and Seo Jun."

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Red Velvet's Yeri in 'Blue Birthday'
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She also hinted at the viewers for her future endeavors, which raised anticipation by saying, "I will always do my best to show my skills as an actress in the future, so please watch over me with affectionate eyes."

Red Velvet's Yeri in 'Blue Birthday'
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Meanwhile, a member of the production team of "Blue Birthday" shared their opinions on the idol actress, "Through "Blue Birthday", Yeri proved that she is an actress with rich emotions and unique charms, which served as her strengths as she successfully completed her first lead role."

Red Velvet Yeri as an Idol Outside the Small Screen

'Blue Birthday' Concept Poster
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Apart from the drama, Yeri busied herself with her promotions with her group Red Velvet with their new album and lead single "Queendom".

Her drama's conclusion does not only signify the end, but the start of her blossoming career as an actress.

For now, watch the amazing music video of Red Velvet's new song "Queendom".

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