Lee Dong Wook Shows Duality as a Hustler and Detective in New ‘Bad and Crazy’ Character Teaser

Lee Dong Wook
Bad and Crazy
Bad and Crazy Lee Dong Wook

Korean heartthrob Lee Dong Wook teased fans with his totally "Bad and Crazy" character in tvN's soon-to-air Korean drama. In the new teaser, the actor amassed massive attention as tvN dropped his first character teaser video, projecting his duality as a hustler and detective.

Lee Dong Wook Seen Hustling to Get a Promotion in New 'Bad and Crazy' Teaser

Lee Dong Wook takes the role of Ryu Soo Yeol in "Bad and Crazy." In this drama, to fulfill his personal mission and work duties, he needs to put in more effort to succeed.

In the teaser, the "My Girl" star exhibits a wide range of emotions while portraying his new character, and tries so hard to impress his bosses for the promotion that he wants. He drinks and sings along with them, showing how desperate he is.

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While he is in the middle of an investigation, the detective faces an unexpected crisis. He is being chased by someone and tries hard to run for his life. Dangerous as it may seem, Soo Yeol is determined to fulfill his mission to punish evil.

Lee Dong Wook Already Impressing Viewers With His New Character

While Lee Dong Wook already personified a plethora of characters, the South Korean heartthrob perfectly gives justice to his new role even with only his character teaser present.

Viewers now can't wait to see his brand new transformation as the absolute "bad and crazy." 

In addition to the report, one drama staff member said the person to lead the drama must have a pleasant and thrilling personality, a team player, and someone who has the wit and can bring tension that the viewers can feel. With that being said, Lee Dong Wook is perfect for the role of Ryu Soo Yeol.

Lee Dong Wook
(Photo : iQIYI's Instagram)
Lee Dong Wook in "Bad and Crazy"

The representative added Lee Dong Wook is ready to fascinate the viewers with his compelling role that is yet to be seen from him.

Following the character teaser, tvN released a short interview of Dong Wook, inviting everyone to watch his new Kdrama "Bad and Crazy," which premieres on December 17, 2021 on tvN at 10:40 p.m (KST).

‘Bad and Crazy’ Starring Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon Unveils First Teaser Poster + tvN Confirms Drama’s Premiere Date
(Photo : tvN's Official Instagram)
Bad and Crazy poster

Now that his teaser was finally uploaded, it is expected that Wi Ha Joon's character teaser video will be released soon.

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