‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Episode 3: Lee Se Young Discovers Lee Junho is the Crown Prince

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After wanting to save Yi San (Lee Junho) and his people who were with him during the tiger hunting, Sung Deok Im (Lee Se Young) found out that the lecturer she met in the library is the real Crown Prince.

Yi San Kills Tiger But Receives Punishment from the King

Sung Deok Im followed what Yi San told her to do to fulfill their mission of killing the tiger. On her way to save one of the young court ladies, Deok Im encountered the dangerous animal, but Yi San saved her.

Lee Junho
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2PM Junho / The Red Sleeve Cuff

The Crown Prince and his guards successfully killed the tiger but once they arrived at the palace, the king gave punished them.

Yi San stayed outside the king's room for almost two days begging and waiting for his forgiveness.

Court Lady Worries About the Crown Prince's Teacher

Sung Deok Im and her friends succeeded in protecting the court ladies. The next day, she was worried about Yi San and patiently waited for news about the tiger attack that happened last night when Hong Dong Ro (Kang Hoon) appeared.

Lee Se Young
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Lee Se Young / The Red Sleeve Cuff

She saw the news letter and asked if she could read it.

The court lady was surprised that the crown prince and his people would be punished for hunting the tiger without the king's permission.

Sung Deok Im felt sorry for the punishments the people in the palace were about to receive.

Sung Deok Im Begs the King to Save the Crown Prince

Meanwhile, the court lady asked Hong Dong Ro about the lecturer of the crown prince. Dong Ro has no idea that Yi San disguised himself as him for Sung Deok Im. It confused him on why the crown prince did it, but he still refused to say anything about the man that Deok Im was looking for.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 3
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Lee Se Young / The Red Sleeve Cuff

When she heard from Princess Chungyeon (Kim I On) and Princess Chungsun (Jo Seung Hee) that for the crown prince and his guards to be forgiven was the transcribed book of his favorite story, Sung Deok Im immediately grabbed the chance to finish transcribing the whole book overnight.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 3
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The Red Sleeve Cuff

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The king refused to talk to anyone that will brag about the crown prince. The two young princesses, who were confident at first they could have a chance to meet the king to save the crown prince, were not permitted to enter the room.

But it was different from Sung Deok Im. She was the only one who had the opportunity to meet the king. With all the books that she transcribed, she nervously entered the king's room.

She failed to convince the king at first and even had to tell her life story to show her sincerity in saving the crown prince.

The next day, she was surprised to hear that the king already forgave Yi San.

Sung Deok Im Discovers the Real Crown Prince

Sung Deok Im immediately went to the library, hoping to see the lecturer there. But no one was inside the room. She went for a walk and met Princess Chungyeon, the young princess hugged the court lady and thanked her for convincing the king to remove the punishment to her brother, the crown prince.

While roaming around the palace, Chungyeon saw the crown prince and ran towards him with Sung Deok Im.

Chungyeon told him that Deok Im was the one who freed him from punishment. Yi San was surprised to see Sung Deok Im, and he immediately asked for a fan to cover his face.

However, Deok Im, who was facing the water, saw Yi San's face and the crown prince also noticed the surprise on her face. 

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