Choi Woo Sik Transforms Into an Illustrator With No Dreams in New Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’

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Our Beloved Summer

SBS TV's newest coming-of-age romance comedy drama "Our Beloved Summer" unveiled a new set of stills featuring Choi Woo Sik's transformation from being a high school student to a career-driven man.

"Our Beloved Summer" follows the hilarious and complicated story of two ex-lovers who unexpectedly meet, and are forced to work together in harmony, again after 10 years.

Choi Woo Sik Transforms Into an Illustrator With No Dreams in 'Our Beloved Summer'

In Choi Woo Sik's drama after four years, he will take on the role of Choi Woong, an successful and famous illustrator.

Despite his undeniable success, he doesn't have any real dreams that are larger than life. Instead, he is more comfortable in being simple and alone.

However, when he meets Kook Yeon Soo, played by Kim Da Mi, once again, he begins to experience foregign emotions that he couldn't explain.

As Choi Woong and Kook Yeon Soo reunite with each other after years, he will discover a new side to their relationship that will help him grow.

'Our Beloved Summer' Stills
(Photo : SBS)

SBS TV's "Our Beloved Summer" released new stills capturing Choi Woong's youth at the age of 19 and his current 29-year-old career-driven self.

The first still pictures Choi Woong's youth as a high school student. Because of his poor performance resulting him to place last in the entire school's ranking, he becomes the main event in a documentary with Kook Yeon Soo, the school's top student.

'Our Beloved Summer' Stills
(Photo : SBS)

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In the second still, a 29-year-old Choi Woong is depicted with a whole different vibe. Focused on his project, Choi Woong effortlessly transforms into an illustrator.

'Our Beloved Summer' Stills
(Photo : SBS)

However, in the final still, he sports a cold expression while looking at his ex-lover and once friend Kook Yeon Soo.

Curiosity about what happened to the two ex-lovers is heightened. Attention is also focused on how the two will cope with the unintentional reunion of the two.

Choi Woo Sik On His New Acting Role in 'Our Beloved Summer'

According to the actor, Choi Woong's charm is his honesty. He said, "He gives his best in the work he wants to do, and for the person he loves."

Choi Woo Sik revealed that his curiosity about how the story progresses is the main reason why he accepted the new acting role.

Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi for Cosmopolitan Korea
(Photo : Cosmopolitan Korea | My Daily )

He finally shared, "I'm working hard to properly portray Choi Woong's youthful charms and free nature. Please anticipate Choi Woong and "Our Beloved Summer" and give it a lot of support and interest."

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Moreover, "Our Beloved Summer" will air for the first time on December 6 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS TV.

ICYMI, watch the heart-fluttering and relatable teaser of "Our Beloved Summer" here:

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