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Gong Yoo Talks About His New Film "The Suspect"

BY Joan MacDonald | Nov 21, 2013 01:00 PM EST


Gong Yoo may be best known for playing the childish Choi Han Gyul in the romantic comedy “Coffee Prince,” but he’s no lightweight as an actor. Anyone who has seen him in “Silenced,” a film about the abuse of disabled children, knows he can convincingly portray a serious character in a horrifying situation.
That film made him both feel anxious and elated. And he was surprised at the movie’s effect on the public, as the film ultimately led to legal reform.
“I had no idea that a movie could have such a big influence,” said Gong Yoo in a recent interview for "Singles" magazine. “I read the novel, and thought that I would love to do something so that more people would know about it. I could not imagine it would turn out like this, though. A movie can provide consolation to those who experienced the absurd and those who are in pain. And it can protect another person from experiencing similar situations.”
His new film “The Suspect” is no bit of fluff either. In “The Suspect,” he plays Ji Dong Chul, an elite North Korean spy who is known for his skill and determination. His wife and child are murdered and the focus of his life becomes finding their killer. While he pursues their killer, he becomes the number one suspect in the murder of a CEO. He must uncover the truth to prove his own innocence.
South Korean Colonel Min Se Hoon, who is played by Park Hee Soon, chases Ji Dong Chul. Ji refuses to get caught. If he gets caught he will no longer be able to execute revenge on the person who killed his family.
To play the role of the elite spy, Gong Yoo trained in martial arts. As its his first action film, he also received special action training. Besides enduring the film’s physical demands, he also had to survive the tough shooting schedule and patiently wait for its release.
“It was a totally new experience for me to film a movie for nine months straight,” said Gong Yoo. “Also it took about six months to get ready for release. Altogether, the movie has entered its second year of production. Our director says that now it’s time for him to pull his own weight, but I personally feel the responsibility, too. We’re a family now. The closer the release date gets, I feel more and more nervous.”
If the trailer is any indication, he has nothing to feel nervous about. The film, which also stars You Da In and Jo Sung Ha, will be released in December.

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