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"Will Be The Best Eating Drama Ever"

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 26, 2013 06:00 PM EST


Actress Lee Soo Kyung (31)'s teeth broke while filming.

Producer Park Joon Wha who is directing the tvN drama "Let's eat" shared a funny story at the production release in Seoul Yeongdeugnpo-gu Yeoido-dong CGV theater on November 25th.  Lee Soo Kyung was fiting on a crab for a promo shoot and her tooth was chipped.  Prodcuer Park said, "Until now, I haven't had an actress like this."

"Let's Eat" features protagonist Lee Soo Kyung (played by Lee Soo Kyung) with her daily life and romance of a single group with their co-workers and neighbors. This yaer, according ot the Department of Statistics, one-person family comprises 25.9% of the population and brought out the code of "Eating broadcasting" even before the first episode.

In the drama, Lee Soo Kyung is a third year divorcee (a person who returns to social life after getting a divorce) and enjoys her eating to sustain her life.  Actress lee Soo Kyung said, "I ate the most among the actors who were present.  Ordinarily, I go to hot eating spots and eating broadcasting is about happiness itself.  The management company had to lessen the meals fee because of me.  However, it's a negative aspect that my stomach was upset because I really ate a lot."

Male group member of Beast Yoon Doo Joon (24) is taking on the progatonist role of "Let's East" for the first time.  He is playing the role of neighbor Gu Dae Young living next to Lee Soo Kyung.  Yoon Doo Joon said, "There weren't too many romance scenes so it wasn't too hard to harmonize.  There were a lot of skilled acting on scene and I had a lot to learn."  In the scenes, Gu Dae Young is an insurance agent and lies every time he talks.  Yoon Doo Joon said, "Gu Dae Young says a lot of lies to raise his perforamcne but I'm a type to say a lot of white lies to make the other person feel better" and showed a carefree side.

Producer Park showed confidence saying, "Our drama is going to be the best eating drama that'll make viewers hungry just by looking at the drama.  Just to make the food look the best, we looked a lot of new skills in terms of quality, angle, and filming strategy."

"Let's Eat" uses the hit phrase of the baseball critic Huh Goo Yeon who said "Shik Sha" (Shik Sa = meal).  Producer Park said, "As much as the hit phrase is the warm word from the baseball critic Huh Gu Yeon as we wanted a witty vibe with a great title."  Moreover, he said, "To Koreans, eating isn't only about consuming food.  It's about connecting and sharing stories."  This will be the following "Rude Miss Young Ae 12" and will be broadcast for the first time on November 28th at 11PM.

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