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Yoon So Yi Cast In "Heavenly Woman'

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 29, 2013 11:41 PM EST


Actress Yoon So Yi was cast as the protagonist Lee Sun Yoo in the new KBS 2TV daily drama "Heavenly Mother" (script Lee Hae Sun, Ahn So Min, director Uh Soo Sun, production SSD).  This is the first time she returned to the TV screen after last April when "Iris 2" was aired, and it's the first time she is a protagonist of a daily drama.

Lee Sun Yoo is a person who turns into an evil person for the revenge of her sister Jin Yoo who was her life.  Her sister had given up everything for her life and gets out of a dark period in her life where she was a juvenile delinquent and she chooses the life of a nun to share the love that she received and becomes an innocent naïve woman.  However, before her ceremony, she gives up the path to become a nun and starts to sharpen the knife of revenge.

The staff of "Heavenly Woman" said that Yoon So Yi was chosen as the role of Lee Sun Yoo, protagonist in "Heavenly Woman."  Lee Sun Yoo shows two faces as an angel and devil as it's a Jekyl and Hyde character.  The staff had high expectations as Yoon So Yi will show a different character than the ones that she had shown in previous dramas

Meanwhile, "Heavenly Woman" is about a woman that wanted to be a saint but chooses to be evil because she wants to get revenge.  The drama will also feature the story of a man who embraces even the evilness of a woman he loves and gives up the life of a conglomerate heir that he wanted to live.

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