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Charms Of The Two Couples In ‘Love Rides The Song’

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 30, 2013 06:14 PM EST


The national viewing rate of the KBS1 Daily Drama "Love Rides The Song," which aired its first episode on November 8, 2013, has skyrocketed since its first episode, ranking its top record of 25.8% in all parts of Korea according to Nielson Korea.

As the romance of the couples in "Love Rides The Song" becomes to be developed, the development of romance of the couples is yielding a result of the highest ratings the drama has received. In the meantime, let us look back on the tough first meetings of these couples.

Hyun Woo (Baek Sung Hyun) and Deul Im (Da Som) Couple: from both to blame to one sided crush?

The first meeting of the Hyun Woo (Baek Sung Hyun) and Deul Im (Da Som) couple was nearly a disaster. In order to audition for a play, Deul Im on the audition day steals and wears the clothes of a guest from her father's Laundromat. On her way to the audition for a play, Deul Im gets into a bike crash accident, ruining the stolen clothes of a guest of her father's Laundromat in addition to missing the audition. The situation was unfair to Hyun Woo as well, whom Deul Im had crashed into with her bike. However, while Hyun Woo and Deul Im bicker about the crash, Hyun Woo gets to know the passion for musicals and plays Deul Im has, and starts to like her.

In the beginning, Hyun Woo started the love. At first, Hyun Woo, not realizing if his feelings for Deul Im are love or friendship, keeps rounding by Deul Im's side. However, Hyun Woo's favors for Deul Im keep changing into Deul Im's annoyance, to the point where Deul Im mistakenly thinks of Hyun Woo as a gang member instead of a lawyer, and tries hard to keep her distance from Hyun Woo. When would Deul Im realize the sincerity of Hyun Woo's love for her?

Sae Joon (Lee Joo Hyun) and Jung Ja (Jung Shi Ah) Couple: Okay, but still, love still exists?!

Sae Joon (Lee Joo Hyun) and Jung Ja (Jung Shi Ah) couple, just like Sae Joon (Lee Joo Hyun) and Jung Ja (Jung Shi Ah) couple, started off their love relationship from bad first impressions. Sae Joon and Jung Ja fight over the fruits for final sale in a farmers market on the day they meet for the first time. In the end, Sae Joon loses over Jung Ja and later on revenges on her, which suggested their relationship was off to a bad start. However, after Jung Ja finds out that Sae Joon is a homeroom teacher of her son, Sung Hoon (Kim Ji Hoon), Jung Ja gets impressed with Sae Joon's sensitivity, changing her course of action from a stingy mother mode into a lady in the spring with her heart throbbing and trembling mode.

Sae Joon did not mind a ladylike Jung Ja, and the subtle love mode of Jung Ja and Sae Joon has been initiated since then. In particular, Jung Shi Ah's sly acting, where she slyly opens and closes her big eyes as if she is a little girl, and pretends to read poems and write poetry with the pseudonym, "Gong Hyo Jin," is amassing the audiences' laughter. Although she is older, has a child, and has been divorced twice, Jung Shi Ah's character of Gong Jung Ja, who is always thirsty for love and waiting for love, is highlighting Jung Shi Ah as an actress.

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