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Kdrama Decisions: Vote In Next Week's Poll To Decide The Years' Best Drama

BY Joan MacDonald | Dec 03, 2013 11:49 AM EST


It's that time of the year when kdrama lovers have to make some serious decisions. And it's not just who the heroine will choose from the two equally gorgeous men in her love triangle.

It's time for kdrama lovers to decide what 2013 drama and actors they liked the most. This year there were plenty of excellent dramas to choose from and we came up with a list. Our list ranked dramas according to fan involvement, determined by which dramas the fans responded to with comments and clicks. But that was just how we came up with the list. Ultimately, it will be you, the fans that will decide which dramas delivered and which actors left the best impression.

We compiled a list of 20 popular dramas, 10 actors and 10 actresses. Since it was such a great year for kdramas that is really limiting the entries. And it was hard to agree on who should be included. So, don't be insulted if your favorite drama, actor or actress was left out.

Obviously, most fans will agree on the stand-out ratings hits of the year, including "I Hear Your Voice," "Master's Sun" and "That Winter The Wind Blows," but such dramas make up only a few of the shows fans favored this year. Our list includes comedies, melodramas, fantasy and some dramas that combined all these entertaining ingredients.

Fans were so enthusiastic about a few dramas that they earned more than one entry in the acting department. Here's our list of the top actors and actresses.

Actresses include Choi Ji Woo for "The Suspicious Housekeeper," Hwang Jung Eum for "Secrets," Lee Bo Young for "I Hear Your Voice," Lee Da Hee for "Secrets" and "I Hear Your Voice," Moon Chae Won for "Good Doctor," Moon Geun Young for "Cheomdamdong Alice" and "Goddess of Fire Jeonji," Park Shin Hye for "The Heirs" and "Flower Boys Next Door," Song Hye Kyo for "That Winter The Wind Blows," Suzy Bae for "Gu Family Book," and Yoon En Hye for "Missing You" and "Future's Choice."

The actors include Bae Soo Bin and Ji Sung for "Secrets," Jo In Sung for "That Winter The Wind Blows," Joo Won for "Good Doctor" and "Level 7 Civil Servant," Kim Woo Bin for "The Heirs" and "School 2013," Lee Min Ho for "The Heirs," Lee Jong Suk for "I Hear Your Voice," Lee Jun Ki for "Two Weeks," Park Yoochun for "Missing You," and So Ji Sub for "The Master's Sun."

The dramas will be listed in the poll.

The poll begins Sunday and will run through Dec. 21, so be sure to vote. Check the site Sunday for voting instructions.

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