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Lee Bum Soo On His Kiss Scene With Yoona, “Our Lips Haven’t Touched Yet”

BY Chin D | Dec 06, 2013 08:36 AM EST


With the drama premiering next week, the cast and staff of "Prime Minister and I" faced the press during a conference on December 4 at the Seoul Grand Ambassador Hotel.

During the interview, Yoona was asked why she decided to accept the drama and she said, "I haven't been in too many dramas, but reading about Nam Da Jung, I think that I have a lot of similarities with her. She's funny and quirky, and because she's like me, it's easier to act her out. More that my other characters, she's the most Yoona-like."

Actor Lee Bum Soo, who has a 20-year age gap with Yoona, also praised the idol for her acting. He said, "When I think of Yoona, I think she's very cute and I think I met a great leading lady. She's very energetic and positive, and I have faith in her as a co-star in the drama."

On the topic of kissing, he was a little flustered in answering, and he shared, "I haven't shot any kiss scenes with Yoona yet. Our lips haven't touched yet. Kisses should be sweet, so I hope that many couples would get to share sweet kissed during this winter. Please look forward to our kiss scenes in the future."

"Prime Minister and I" features the story of a hot tempered prime minister and determined rookie reporter who will meet and fall in love. The drama will premiere on December 9.

Meanwhile, catch the teaser highlights of the drama in the video below.

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