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‘Princess Aurora’ Jun So Min Tweets, “I Am Frustrated”

BY Staff Reporter | Dec 10, 2013 04:40 PM EST


Actress Jun So Min tweeted on her personal Tweeter account, "I am frustrated."

Jun So Min on December 10, 2013, retweeted a friend's tweet that read, "What am I lacking? I cant sleep again," saying, "I am frustrated. This night is in ruins."

Previously on December 5, 2013, Jun So Min retweeted another friend's tweet that read, "Everything will be okay. Time will heal everything," saying, "But sometimes things need too much time."

Regarding this, some netizens are contemplating whether Jun So Min's ambiguous tweets are about the MBC everyday drama "Princess Aurora," in which she appears as the main female protagonist, Aurora.

Meanwhile, the MBC drama "Princess Aurora" is attracting the attention of many Korean drama fans because of its storyline that is irrelevant to what has been going on in the previous episodes.

The involuntary resignation of the eleven actors and actresses, such as actors Byun Hee Bong and Son Chang Min, and actress Im Ye Jin, by sending them abroad or making the characters die all of a sudden, has also been discussed by the fans. On the latest episode of the drama "Princess Aurora," Hwang Ma Ma and Sul Sul Hee shared their somewhat intimate feelings after they found out that Sul Sul Hee's blood cancer is fully recovered. Hwang Ma Ma has been helping Sul Sul Hee with his chemotherapy and physical therapy.

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