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'Reply 1994' Jun Hyun Moo in Cameo Appearance

By Staff Writer | Dec 14, 2013 12:08 AM EST


TV personality Jun Hyun Moo and Rainbow Jae Kyung are supposed to be in a cameo appearance in tvN "Reply 1994" as netizens are showing a hot response.

A staff member of tvN said in a conversation with XSports News in December 12th, "Jun Hyun Moo and Jae Kyung, we are currently filming 'Reply 1994."  The episode will be broadcast after the 18th episode."

This staff member said, "Currently, 'Reply 1994' is being filmed 3, 4 days a week and the rest of the schedule is with the actors' narration and other busy parts of the schedule."

At Jun Hyun Moo's cameo appearance, netizens are saying, "Jun Hyun Moo, what kind of role will he have in Reply?" "Jun Hyun Moo's Reply cameo, I look forward to the acting." "Jun Hyun Moo Reply cameo, I hope he comes with Hae Tae" and showed various responses.

Jun Hyun Moo has been in tvN's "Three Dummies" and has challenged himself in acting as his cameo appearance has high expectations.

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