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'Thrice Married Woman' Son Yeo Eun Is Cold After Finding Lee Ji Ah's Picture'

BY Staff Reporter | Dec 16, 2013 08:40 PM EST


"Thrice Married Woman"

"Thrice Married Woman" Son Yeo Eun is behaving irregularly.

On the SBS weekend drama "Thrice Married Woman" broadcast on December 15th, Chae Rin (played by Son Yeo Eun) sees the wedding picture of Jung Tae Won (played by Song Chang Yi) and Oh Eun Soo (played by Lee Ji Ah) and makes a cold expression.

On this episode, Chae Rin was organizing Tae Won's room and in the process and her expression hardens as she finds Eun Soo's picture.  Moreover, her face was even more hardened as she saw the wedding picture of Eun Soo and Tae Won.

Moreover, as Tae Won's daughter Seul Ki (played by Kim Ji Young) tried to take the photo album, Chae Rin said, "It's dad's possession so leave it" and stopped her.  However, Chae Rin took the album and went straight to Lady Choi (played by Kim Yong Rim).

Lady Choi was greatly upset that her former daughter-in-law Eun Soo's picture was still there and said that she would burn It.  At this, Tae Hee (played by Kim Jung Nam) said, "I'll organize it.  Seul Ki'shere and is It necessary to burn her picture as well?" and took the album.

Moreover, Tae Hee said to Chae Rin, "Think about what you're going to do before coming down.  Why didn't you ask Tae Won to take care of it. You may think that i'm acting like a sister-In-law before formally getting married but I'm disappointed."

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