Jun Ji Hyun Provides Gift of Food Truck

Jun Ji Hyun
You Who Came From The Stars

Jun Ji Hyun's food truck.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun gave a huge food truck to the staff of "You Who Came From the Stars".

Recently, Jun Ji Hyun gave a huge gift to the staff of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama special "You Who Came From the Stars" who were busy with a tight filming schedule and staff members that were skipping meals as she gave them the gift of food.

In addition, she also gave them cosmetics as gifts for the staff members who were suffering from filming outdoors.

At this, a staff member of "You Who Came From the Stars" said "Thanks to Jun Ji Hyun, the environment was so warm.  The remaining filming was tough but I think I'll be able to film in happiness.

At Jun Ji Hyun's food truck, netizens said, "Jun Ji Hyun gave a food truck" "Jun Ji Hyun's food truck is a great gift" "Jun Ji Hyun's great gift, the staff will be reenergized" "Jun Ji Hyun's food truck, I want some too" and showed responses.

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