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Kim Yoo Mi Bawls While Crying, What’s Wrong?

By Staff Writer | Jan 02, 2014 10:08 PM EST


Actress Kim Yoo Mi showed a bawling scene while acting underwater, attracting interest.

JTBC drama "Can We Love" released the acting pictures of Kim Yoo Mi on December 31st.

In the picture, there's a picture of Kim Yoo Mi's acting is captured.  She is acting to the best of her abilities as she cries.  Her makeup-less face that's still fancy is attracting the attention of others.

Kim Yoo Mi had a substitute ready but acted herself.

At this news, netizens said, "Kim Yoo Ri's underwater crying, I thought she separated with Garbage." "Kim Yoo Ri's underwater crying, even without makeup, she is pretty." "Kim Yoo Ri's crying, what scene is it?"

Kim Yoo Mi's acting in "Can We Love" will be broadcast on January 6th.

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