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‘Empress Ki’ Lee Eung Kyung Gets Stabbed With A Knife And Dies For Ha Ji Won

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 15, 2014 02:57 PM EST


"Empress Ki" Lee Eun Kyung got stabbed with a knife for Ha Ji Won and died.

On the MBC Monday Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" which aired on January 14, 2014, Dang Gi Se, played by Kim Jung Hyun, protected Ki Seung Nyang, played by Ha Ji Won, and her maid Ms. Park, played by Han Hye Rin, from the robbers on the street.

On this day's episode Ki Seung Nyang and Ms. Park escaped out of the castle with the help of the Ko Ryo maids in the castle. Pregnant Ms. Park, who was due very soon, wanted to give a birth to a child in the temple where Tae Hu, played by Kim Suh Hyung, lives. While Ki Seung Nyang and her people were about to leave for the temple, robbers commissioned by Dang Gi Se ambushed them and started killing the women. Ki Seung Nyang attacked the robbers back, but it was no use. Ki Seung Nyang killed a robber who was about to kill Ms. Park. While Ki Seung Nyang killed the robber, another one raised his knife to kill Ki Seung Nyang from her back. No Sang Gung, played by Lee Eun Kyung, saw the robber who was about to kill Ki Seung Nyang, pushed her body in front of Ki Seung Nyang, and got killed for her.

No Sang Gung to Ki Seung Nyang who was embracing her and crying said, "Run away. You need to rescue the baby," and added, "It was my wish to go to Ko Ryo before I die," and died.

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