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'Prime Minister and I" Yoon Hae Young Chungdam-dok Look "Fashion Blogger'

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 15, 2014 10:00 PM EST


Actress Yoon Hae Young becomes a beauty and fashion mentor.

On the KBS Monday/Tuesday "The Prime Minister and I", Yoon Hae Young is dressing like a madam and in three weeks, her personal blog "Look and me" hits soared.

Yoon Hae Young is a cute jealous person in "The Prime Minister and I" who is jealous of Chae Jung Ahn and her husband Ryu Jin.  She also has a clutsy and empty smile but her fashion is like a rich madam and she matches her clothes with luxury accessories showing the sides of a fashion and beauty mentor.

In addition, she cut her hair short for a strong image that conjures and image of a vampire and she shows a new charisma with confident looks that wasn't seen before.

Yoon Hae Young was always interested in beauty and fashion that she acquired a beauty degree and with rich knowledge and great fashion style, she is sharing the know-hows in real life through her personal blog.

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