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Lee Min Jung Dishes On Her Married Life With Lee Byung Hun

BY Chin D | Jan 27, 2014 09:40 AM EST


Actress Lee Min Jung talks about her husband Lee Byung Hun and how she is adjusting to the married life.

During her interview with "Entertainment Relay", Lee Min Jung shared, "I'm spending my days as a newlywed well. For the first two months, there are times when I would suddenly realize "Oh right, I'm a married woman now" even when I'm just sitting by myself at home."

She also shared that she recently made a big breakfast for her husband Lee Byung Hun, and that the biggest change of her married life is that her mother no longer cooks meals for her.

Talking about her wedding day, she shared, "I remember all the people who went to my wedding, and I also remember those who didn't come. When I called him 'husband' for the first time, both of us got flustered. Every now and then, I would call him that, and every time he would tell me, "You shouldn't call me that"."

She said that she sometimes worries about how their child would look like, "What if she got my husband's chin? It's not like I'm worried about that though."

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun's wedding is considered the most lavish and expensive wedding of 2013, with expenses amounting up to $150,000. The couple married on August 10 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

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