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'Flappy Bird' Game A Rip-Off Of 'Piou Piou' And 'Mario Bros'? Maker Gets Criticized For Making $50,000 A Day Using Alleged Ripped-Off Assets!

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 07, 2014 12:56 PM EST


Everybody's talking about and playing the famous Flappy Bird game but what majority of the people playing the Flappy Bird game is that the game is a total rip-off of Mario games and the game Piou Piou, according to Kotaku and

The Flappy Bird game has gotten a wide range of reactions from critics and fans. Most people acknowledge that it's a terrible game and/or hard game and many have attempted to dissect its appeal to gamers.

But according to Kotaku, people seem to not notice that almost everything in the Flappy Bird game is a copy/rip-off. Kotaku points out that much of the art is "inspired" by Super Mario Bros. they even stated that the Flappy Bird game is blatantly ripping off Mario's design.

An example they used are the pipes in the flappy bird game.

On the left is Flappy Bird; on the right is Super Mario World. Even the sound effect when your bird flies between pipes is heavily inspired by Mario's coin-collecting sound, to the point where they sound nearly identical, as Kotaku points out.

The backgrounds also appear to be heavily inspired by Mario games as well.

The biggest criticism of all is that the gameplay and the yellow bird going through obstaces have been done before in a game called "Piou Piou".

The maker of "Piou Piou" even posted a comparison pic of "Piou Piou" and Flappy Bird showing the similarites of both games.

You can play "Piou Piou" here

According to Kotaku, "Flappy Bird has gotten so big that its creator, Dong Nguyen, told The Verge he's making $50,000 a day on ad revenue. $50,000 a day! That's $18 million a year, FYI."

Fans then criticized Dong Nguyen for being dishonest and earning a lot of money for an idea he didn't create.

What do you think? Is this kind of practice ok? Can Dong Nguyen be sued for this? Sound off in the comments below!

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