'Very Good Times" Will Soon Be Here

Ok Taecyeon
Kim Hee Sun
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Very Good Times

2PM's Ok Taecyeon has been practicing his glare and it will come in handy in his new drama "Very Good Times." In stills for the upcoming KBS2 series, his character Kang Dong Hee is seen fiercely glaring at his older brother Kang Dong Suk, played by Lee Seo Jin. Kang Dong Suk is a bad-tempered prosecutor. His equally bad-tempered brother works for moneylenders. From the stills it looks as if the brothers will take a while to resolve their differences.

The weekend drama tells the story of a prosecutor who returns home after 15 years, wanting to reconnect with his family and his first love. But the fact that he decides to go home does not mean that his family issues have been resolved or that his first love wants to see him.

The producers of "Very Good Times" describe it as a story about family and love. The drama also stars Kim Hee Sun, who last played Lee Min Ho's love interest in the historical fantasy "Faith: The Great Doctor." In "Very Good Times," will play Cha Hae Won, Lee Seo Jin's first love. His first love is now employed at Taecyeon's money-lending business.

Lee Seo Jin's fans are happy to see him return to k-dramaland. Although he appeared on the variety show "Grandpas Over Flowers," his last k-drama role was as General Gyebaek in "Gyeback."  Since that 2011 role, he worked at a firm that specializes in intellectual property rights and real estate development because the talented actor also has a business management degree.

Ok Taecyeon was last seen playing a detective in "Who Are You?" He also had roles in "Dream High" and "Cinderella's Sister." He does have an advantage over some of the other actors. The actors all had to brush up on their Kyungsang dialects as the drama takes place in Gyeongju. But Taecyeon used the accent before in "Cinderella's Sister" and lived in Busan for a bit as a child.

The drama also stars Ryu Seung Soo as another brother, Kim Ji Ho as Song Suk's twin sister, Yoon Yuh Jung as his mother, and Kim Sang ho and Kim Kwang Kyu as his uncles.

The screenplay was written by Lee Kyung Hee, who wrote "I'm Sorry I Love You" and "Nice Guy." Kim Jin Won who directed "Nice Guy" will also direct this drama

The drama airs Feb. 22nd, replacing "The Wang Family," which has seen viewer ratings over 40 percent.


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