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Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won Have One Day To Fall In Love

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 12, 2014 11:43 AM EST


If you could experience one day of perfect love, would you trade it for a lifetime without love? That's the question asked by the drama "Another Parting," starring Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won.

In his last drama, "The Master's Sun," Seo In Guk played second lead Kang Woo. He was a man in love in that drama. First he loved Gong Hyo Jin and then later he fell for Kim Yoo Ri. The "Superstar K" winner first became a k-drama favorite for his role in "Reply 1997."

 In her current drama "I Need Romance 3," Wang Ji Won plays Oh Se Ryung, a woman prepared to forsake female friendship for the man she loves. Before that role she played doctor Kim Sun Joo on the medical drama "Good Doctor."

In the five-episode cable and web mini-series "Another Parting" the actors play a man and woman who meet at the end of their lives and spend one day together.

Seo in Guk plays the charming but unpredictable assassin Ahn Young Mo. Wang Ji Won plays Seo Ha Na, a woman who was betrayed in love. When she meets Seo In Guk's character they don't like each other but they manage to fall in love in the course of a day.

Their relationship looks like it will involve some gunfire. The trailer shows the actors dressed like assassins and carrying guns. Are they merely rival assassins who are jealous of each other's abilities or are they enemies that have been directed to kill each other? Either way their day together is sure to be the kind of day you remember for a lifetime.

The drama will be Won Tae Yeon's small screen directorial debut. He directed the 2009 film "More Than Blue," which starred Lee Bo Young, Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Beom Soo.

The drama will be seen on the cable channel Dramacube, starting Feb. 17. But it can also be seen online at the Loen Music Official You Tube Channel. When the series is shown on You Tube, it will be subtitled. Loen Entertainment has described the drama as an "emotional story" and a "lyrical romance."

Shooting dramas for the web has become increasingly more popular as more people have smartphones and are looking for something to watch on the go.

With a span of only five episodes, "Another Parting" might provide the entertaining quick k-drama fix many fans are looking for.

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