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The Ending Of "You Who Came From The Stars" Raises More Questions

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 28, 2014 10:02 AM EST


"You Who Came from The Stars" had its finale last night and despite the satisfyingly happy ending, raised more questions that it answered.

For several episodes now, the chief question has been whether Do Min Joon, Kim Soo Hyun's character, would stay or go, die or live. He decided he wanted to stay with Chun Song Yi, Jun Ji Hyun's character, even if it meant he would die. But she told him that she could not go on living if he died and that she would prefer him to live somewhere in the universe even if she never saw him again.

So that's what it seemed they had decided to do. They spent their last days together appreciating every moment. And it seemed that he left when the saucer from his star landed on earth to pick him up.

Or did he?

 Chun Song Yi, lawyer Kim Chang Won, and even the imprisoned Lee Jae Kyung saw visions of Do Min Joon. At first they were brief visions until finally Do Min Joon showed up on the red carpet and claimed a kiss.

At the show's epilogue he explained that he had not actually been dying but that he was sucked into a wormhole. A wormhole is a short cut through the space-time continuum that in theory at least would allow people to travel through space and time. Scientists say it's only an idea and could not really exist.

This wormhole allowed the couple to spend time together, but in an unpredictable way. It's kind of like Chun Song Yi was married to someone who travels a lot and that his absence makes their time together special.

The ending was very reminiscent of the book "The Time Traveler's Wife," by Audrey Niffengger. In that book, the love of a woman's life kept disappearing and reappearing in different parts of her life. She knew the time they had together was precious.

The series also made several sweet nods to the film "E.T." Kim Soo Hyun wore the same pajamas, touched fingers the way E.T. did and was asked if he had a bicycle, referring to the scene where E.T. seems to ride across the moon.

But back to the questions: Why did Do Min Joon not meet up with the aliens when the UFO landed? How did he wind up in the wormhole? Did it have something to do with his fellow travelers? Why could he suddenly kiss Chun Song Yi on the red carpet when it previously made him sick? The whole world noticed that he appeared and disappeared. Granted that happened one time before but it was written off to movie publicity. Would Chun Song Yi not become the target of international investigation following her interactions with someone who could disappear on command? And how could they live through all that publicity, however short his visits were. Maybe that's too many questions for a drama about an alien-human romance, which is fanciful to begin with.

At least it ended happily.

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