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11 Year Old Boy Stabbed Over 40 Times For Alleged 'DOTA 2' Hacking In The Philippines! Some Filipinos Demand That The Popular MOBA By Valve Be Banned From The Country!

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 28, 2014 10:21 AM EST


An 11 year old boy was killed in the Philippines and authorities think that account hacking in DOTA 2 is reason for the kid's death.

According to ABS-CBN news, a 16 year old boy allegedly killed an 11 year old boy for hacking his DOTA 2 Account in Malolos, Bulacan in the Philippines.

During the interview conducted by ABS-CBN news, the mother of the boy said that her son was unrecognizable after the stabbing occurred.

According to the family and police investigations, the victim was taken to a construction site where he was beat up by the suspect. His head was slammed on the walls repeatedly before being stabbed over 40 times.

Inspector Almer Estaquio of the Philippine National Police issued a statement to ABS-CBN news that they have received information that the probable cause of the incident was the victim allegedly hacking the DOTA 2 account of the suspect.

The suspect has been charged with murder however the case is on hold as the courts are deciding what to with the suspect as he is a minor.

As the news broke, some Filipinos took to various social networking sites to share their opinions about the incident. Some said that DOTA 2 should be banned from the country.

John Eric Arcilla Garcia posted on Facebook page of ABS-CBN news, (translated) "Dota should be banned here (Philippines) Aside from kids being addicted to it and ruining their education, (Dota) is causing them kill each other"

Ivelyn Tambong posted (translated) "I wish (playing) Dota should be stopped. It's because of Dota that the students' education are being neglected"

However some users pointed out that it is not the fault of Dota 2 but the fault of the parents for being to lenient on the kids.

Jan Raleiigh posted "Don't blame the game its not for kids HAHA blame the parents for letting them play HAHA"

What do you think? Is DOTA 2 at fault here or is it the fault of the parents? Should DOTA 2 and other moba games be banned in the Philippines? Sound off in the comments below!

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