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The New Drama Lineup Is A Close Race

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 06, 2014 12:25 PM EST


It's a new Wednesday-Thursday drama lineup and an entirely new race to win the best ratings. Only this race is so close it's hard to call a future winner.

Will one of these dramas come out way ahead of the pack as "You Who Came From The Stars" did or will they all remain neck in neck until the race is done?

"Inspiring Generation," starring Kim Hyun Joong, saw a jump in the ratings this week and scored first place. The drama quickly rose to the top of the ratings once "You Who Came From The Stars" ended, reaching 12.0 in the ratings on Wednesday night after a previous episode only reached 9.7 percent. But the 12 percent rating was not so far ahead of the newest contender "Three Days."

"Three Days," starring Park Yoochun, Park Ha Sun and So E Hyun, reached 11.9 percent with its very first episode.

The taut action thriller started strong, earning praise for excellent acting and a thrilling storyline. The story focuses on the disappearance of the president and the bodyguards who must find him. Park Yoochun plays a presidential bodyguard, who learns about an assassination attempt on the president while attending his father's funeral.

 "Three Days" not only started off with impressive ratings among viewers in Korea but it is highly anticipated in China. Episodes of the drama scored a record price in a recent Chinese bidding war. China's biggest video site, Youku, purchased the rights before a single episode aired in Korea. The rumored price was almost $50,000 per episode.

All the Korean advertising slots for the drama were also sold out in advance, said the production company Golden Thumb Pictures.

"Since the drama began, it has received a lot of interest and it has been in the center of attention thanks to our lead actors. From now on the story will unfold in more dynamic and intense way. Please look forward to further episodes," said a representative from Golden Thumbs Pictures.

But the night's third drama is also a contender. The only romantic comedy in the time slot, "Cunning Single Lady" snagged a respectable 10.3 percent of the ratings.  The comedy stars Lee Min Jung as a woman who wants to win back her former husband. Joo Sang Wook plays the husband she once rejected for being a loser. He's now the CEO of a successful company.

The show might benefit from being the only lighthearted alternative. What do you think? Which drama will win this time slot?

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