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Which K-Pop Star's Twin Brother Is In "Empress Ki?"

BY Julie Jones | Mar 28, 2014 10:30 AM EDT


JYJ's Kim Junsu recently fed the staff of the hit drama "Empress Ki" but it was not because he got to perform the plaintive song "I Love You" for the OST.

And he did not deliver food because he is a fan of the drama, which he is.

He delivered 300 servings of samgyetang or chicken soup with ginseng to the cast and crew to cheer on his twin brother who plays a bodyguard in the drama.

His brother Kim Moo Young plays one of the bodyguards assigned to protect Emperor Ta Hwan, played by Ji Chang Wook. Kim Moo Young appears in almost every episode and often raises a sword to protect the emperor.

Kim Junsu is proud of his brother's role in the drama.

"I wanted to encourage my brother to continue working hard until the end, but I'm also personally a big fan of Empress Ki," said Kim Junsu. "I hope all the staff and actors will be energized for the rest of the filming."

Kim Moo Young thanked his brother and promised to work even harder during the rest of the filming.

When the food arrived, Kim Moo Young greeted each member of the staff and helped distribute food.

Kim Moo Young, who was formerly known as Kim Jun Ho, recently signed on with C-JeS, which is also Junsu's agency.

Kim Moo Young has primarily been a singer and he modeled in Japan. He only recently started to act, appearing in the drama series "Stroke of Luck." In the past he released albums in China and Japan under the name Juno. He also wrote lyrics for his brother's songs, including "Tarantellegra."

Although the fraternal twins were born a minute apart and resemble each other in some ways, there are significant physical differences. Kim Moo Young has been taller since kindergarten. He was so much taller that when they were little no one used to believe them when they said they were twins.

Kim Moo Young also says their personalities are different. He says he is more emotionally expressive, while Junsu can be blunt. Junsu is careful about who he gets close to but Kim Moo Young thinks he is friendlier to most people. He is more cautious whereas Junsu can be more decisive.

"When Junsu decides on something, he won't hesitate at all," said Kim Moo Young.

And he has decided to fully support his brother's acting career. The two brothers are obviously fond of each other and will continue to encourage each other in whatever they try.

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