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'Oh My Baby" Kim So Hyun's Son, Joo Un

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 08, 2014 10:26 PM EDT

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Musical actress Kim So Hyun's son Joo Ahn who made headlines with "classic baby" will surprise viewers again with a new talent.

On SBS "Oh My Baby" to be broadcast on April 9th, musical actress Kim So Hyun and Son Joon Ho's child Joo Ahn who has innate musical abilities will be showing off his English skills.

Son Joon Ho was playing with Joo Ahn and showed him the alphabet asking him what it was, and Joo Ahn answered.  He thought it was a coincidence but he kept reading the alphabet that his mother and father showed him and surprised Kim So Hyun and Son Joon Ho.

Meanwhile, this episode will feature Joo Ahn who will call for his father Son Joon Ho desperately who will go to Japan for a performance.

Joo Ahn's surprising English skills that improved in two months of broadcasting can be seen through "Oh My Baby" broadcast at 11:10PM on April 9th.

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