'Batman: Arkham Knight' New Villain: Man-Bat And His Army Added Rumored As Release Date Delay Debunked By DC Comics!

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Batman Arkham Knight has a new villain as Man-Bat and his "army" are rumored to be added and the release day delay of the game has been debunked by DC Comics. Will Man-Bat and his army terrorize Batman and Gotham City in the game? Is the confirmed release date still set? All the questions will be answered, so here's the scoop.

One of the Dark Knight's most tragic villains will make his Arkham series debut as Man-Bat is hinted to join Two-Face, Penguin, and the others in Batman Arkham Knight, and he's not flying alone as Man-Bat brought his army with him in Gotham. The rumored Man-Bat army was hinted by YouTube channel ZandTComicVideos, and someone also may have unwittingly leaked Man-Bat's presence in Arkham Knight. It turns out to be Dee Bradley Baker, who once voiced Ra's Al Ghul in Arkham City. He accidently leaked his in-game credit as the voice of Man-Bat on his IMDB profile. The recording credit may have been removed, but the people who heard it got an idea that Man-Bat may appear in Arkham Knight.

Man-Bat in the Batman mythos was a scientist named Dr. Kirk Langstrom who dedicated his life studying and experimenting on Bats, as he develops an extract that could give a normal person bat like sonar. He first tested on himself because of the condition that he's going deaf, but something went horrible wrong with the experiment and in turn he was transformed into a bat like monster dubbed Man-Bat. Batman fought Man-Bat in several occasions, and if one isn't enough, an army of Man-Bats could be trouble for Batman.

In other news, the release date delay of Arkham Knight in 2015 was debunked by DC Comics as it was considered a misunderstanding by fans during the WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim. The panelist at the time DC editors Mike Cotton, Shelly Bond, Jim Chadwick stated Arkham Knight wouldn't launch until 2015, and supposedly told the audience the release date for the game has been pushed back despite previously confirming it on October 14 of this year.

According to Gameranx, it happened to be a simple case of misunderstanding because of the load applause they've received from the audiences during game's reveal trailer. So it's safe to assume that the game is still scheduled to be release on October this year.

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