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Park Shin Hye Answers Fan Questions And Shares Hugs

BY Julie Jones | May 02, 2014 05:19 PM EDT


Park Shin Hye attended the DramaFever Awards in New York City on May 1. And besides accepting an award for Best Actress and singing songs from "The Heirs" and "Heartstrings," the actress also took time out for a meeting with her fans.

Several fans had the chance to come up on stage and ask her questions. One came from as far away as Puerto Rico to attend the event and meet her favorite actress. Park Shin Hye said that she knew "The Heirs" was popular in China and Japan but had no idea it was so well known in the U.S.

She took the time to answer each question in detail and present her fans with gifts that included a script and a poster of "The Heirs."

Here are some of the things fans and the show's moderator, actress Arden Cho, asked her.

What was her first reaction when she saw the script for "The Heirs?"

She said she felt fortunate because she would be able to wear a school uniform one last time.

Of course fans wanted to know which character from "The Heirs" she would choose in real life and she hesitated saying she gets asked that question a lot. Finally she could only say that if she were Cha Eun Sang, her character in "The Heirs," she would choose Kim Tan, played by Lee Min Ho. 

When asked what it was like to work with so many "hot" actors, she laughed. Park Shin Hye asked the audience if it made them jealous.

"Everyone around me was jealous," she joked. "All of my friends were very envious. I can't say I wasn't happy. I had a lot of fun and was very happy to work with tons of hot guys, but it did make people jealous."

 So many people were jealous it was difficult to sleep at night, she said with a smile.

What is her ideal type?

She likes men to be tall, sensitive and kind. Her ideal man has to be responsible and demonstrate leadership qualities. If she had to pick an American actor that was her ideal type, it would be Chris Hemsworth.

"I saw a picture of him recently holding a baby. He was very gentle and yet very strong. I found that very attractive," she said.

The actress was asked which of her dramas she was most fond of. She said that if she had to narrow it down, it would be three: "Stairway to Heaven," "You're Beautiful" and "The Heirs."

She was also asked what advice she might give to aspiring actresses and she said that it was very important to remember whom you are.

"As an actress you get to live a lot of different lives," she said. But it can be hard to let go of some roles and remember who you really are.

In between roles, Park Shin Hye makes a conscious effort to get back to her own life and explore the things that interest her. She keeps very busy with things she enjoys such as sports, especially snowboarding, riding her bicycle, flower arranging and even making pottery.

The fans' devotion almost brought her to tears and she hugged the few fans that were invited to come up on stage.

"Thanks so much for the love," she said to one of her fans when the fan thanked her for a gift. "There's so much love here and I feel I have only this to give you."

The photograph of Park Shin Hye was taken by Angie Mills.

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