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Woohyun And Seungyeol Play Friends Who Become Enemies

BY Julie Jones | May 06, 2014 02:43 PM EDT


An idol playing a role in a k-drama is not unusual but it's still unusual for two members of the same k-pop band to have roles in the same drama. However, two members of the seven-member band Infinite have taken roles in an upcoming drama with the working title "High School. Nam Woohyun, known as Woohyun, and Lee Sungyeol, known as Seungyeol, will play characters that confront each other as rivals.

Nam Woohyun will play Shin Woo Hyun a transfer student who seems rough but is actually warm hearted. His parents abandoned him so he lives with his grandmother. He's popular with the girls and likes to date but having been abandoned has made him somewhat cynical about love. At least he is cynical until he meets an angel who wants him to believe in love.

Woohyun's only previous acting experience is playing himself in the 2012 drama "The Thousandth Man."

Lee Seungyeol plays Hwang Sung Yeol. He's the kind of boy your mom wants you to meet. He's good at academics and sports and likely to be a success later on. He's not as warmhearted as Shin Woo Hyun but he's more determined. Through a weird twist of fate Shin Woo Hyun's real mom becomes his stepmother and that sets their competition in motion.

 Sungyeol has had five film roles, three of which were cameos. He was in "While You Were Sleeping" and his last role was playing Jung Gi Yeok in "Please Remember, Princess - Generation of Romance."

4Minute's Nam Ji Hyun will also have a role in this drama.

"High School " is a coming of age story about high school and an angel who becomes human to help a student. The two vocalists play characters that start out being friends but then become rivals for the affections of the same girl.

While the drama will focus on the daily problems that teens really face, it will also incorporate an element of fantasy with the introduction of an angel who becomes human after saving a student's life. The female lead has not yet been cast. The show is expected to begin filming in May.

Woohyun and Seungyeol are not the only Infinite members to transition to acting. Sungkyu appeared in the 2013 drama "Pure Love," while Hoya had a role in "Reply 1997" and a cameo in "Reply 1994." L has had several roles, including "The Master's Sun," Shut Up Flower Boy Band" and most recently "Cunning Single Lady."

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