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Suh Ha Joon, Lim Se Mi, And Lee Kyu Hwan Practice Script

BY Staff Reporter | May 09, 2014 06:52 PM EDT


The new drama SBS daily drama "I Just Want to Love" filled with the story of our neighbors and their loves released pictures of script practicing.

"I Just Want to Love" script practicing was carried out in Sangam SBS on April 24th.  As much as it was the first script reading, everyone participated in this including director Ahn Kil Ho, writer Choi Yoon Jung, Suh Ha Joon, Lim Se Mi, Lee Kyu Han, Nam Bo Rah, Yoon Jong Hoon, Kim Ye Won, Lee Hyun Wook as well as older actors Jung Hye Sun, Suh Woo Rim, Yoon So Jung, No Young Kook, Oh Mi Hee, Kil Yong Woo, Lee Eung Kyung, Jung Sung Mo and SOng Ok Sook who showed their great acting as they carried on with passion on the set.

First, Suh Ha Joon who plays the role of the phsyician "Kim Tae Yang" with great character and the producer of the broadcasting department Choi Yoo Ri played by LIm Se Mi star.  She has strong pride so they are collaborating well in great chemistry.

The two people have undergone character analysis in "I Just Want to Love" in a detailed way and after much practice, they look at each other and are exchanging lines, showing great acting.

At this, Lee Kyu Han In the role of "Choi Jae Min" plays the role of dandy and smart fashion company director and Nam Bo Ra is playing an unwed mother "Kim Saet Byul" who is comical in the first meeting.  The cute older woman, younger man couple is Yoon Joong Hoon (plyaed by Kim Woo Joo) and Kim Ye Won (played by Hong Mi Rae) in a cute and bouncing realistic acting.

From the past until the future, the following actors are really showing strong presence in the family drama: Jung Hye Sun (played by Woo Jum Soon), Yoon So Jung (played by Yang Yang Soon), Jung Sung Mo (played by Kim Sang Bae), Song Ok Sook (played by Oh Mal Sook), Suh Woo Rim (played by Kang Min Ja), No Young Gook (played by Choi Myung Joon), Oh Mi Hee (played by Jung Sook Hee), Kil Yong Woo (plyaed by Choi Dong Joon), Lee Eung Kyung (played by Lee Young Ran) as they show off their great acting with skills.

The staff of "I Just Want To Love" said, "It's true that a character gets formed as it develops and as the actors act but it seems like everyone has a strong understanding of their character" and showed satisfaction.  Writer Choi Yoon Jung said, "As much as I'm coming back for the first time in three years, I prepared for this day and night.  To make a good piece, teamwork is more important than anything.  If everyone can commit to a piece in a healthy way, I hope It works out.

"I Just Want to Love" is raising expectations with a casting of old and the new and it shows stories of bloodties and adoption, rich and poor, old and new as It shows the love of six women and men and the adults In a warm family drama.  It will be broadcast on June 2nd after "A Well-Raised Daughter."

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