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‘Hallyu Goddess’ Park Shin Hye To Go On 2014 World Tour Next Month

BY Staff Reporter | May 15, 2014 09:49 AM EDT


'Hallyu Goddess' Park Shin Hye, who hosted the first Asia tour as a Korean actress, is going to host a World tour next month. Starting from June, she is going to tour five different countries for fan meetings: the United States, Thailand, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Her tour is titled, '2014 PARK SHIN HYE WORLD TOUR : STORY OF ANGEL.' It is heard that, as the size of the fan meeting has gotten exponentially bigger since her Asia tour of last year, Park Shin Hye herself is taking care of the production, concept, and stage formation of the fan meetings. Especially the highlight of the fan meetings seem to be the events that are customized to each country she is visiting, based on the observations of the fans from different countries. For instance, in her fan meeting in 2013 in Shanghai, China, Park Shin Hye made Kim bab on stage and gave it to the fans, for the fans who like Korean food. In China, unlike her Asia tour last year, which only took place in Shanghai, she is touring five different cities, including Beijing and Shanghai. Park Shin Hye's agency S. A. L. T. Entertainment said, "Park Shin Hye will prepare yet another new stage as she tries very hard to communicate with her fans with these opportunities."

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