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Song Seung Hoon's Actor Friends Attend The Premiere Of "Obsessed"

BY Julie Jones | May 15, 2014 10:13 AM EDT


Several of Song Sung Hoon's friends were in attendance for the premiere of his film "Obsessed."

The actor's anticipated new film is the story of an affair between a Vietnam War era officer and the wife of his subordinate. Song Seung Hoon plays Colonel Kim Jin Pyeong,  an officer whose post-traumatic stress disorder complicates his life and helps propel him into the ill-fated love affair. The film has generated some controversial headlines because it contains Song Seung Hoon's first bed scene.

It was to be expected that Song Seung Hoon's best friend So Ji Sub would attend the premiere. So Ji Sub, the star of "The Master's Sun," and Song Seung Hoon have been friends since they first modeled jeans together.

Kim Tae Hee also showed up to support the actor.  Last seen in "Jang Ok Jung," the actress played the princess to Song Seung Hoon's chaebol in the 2011 comedy "My Princess." The two have stayed in touch since then.

Actor Kwon Sang Woo, last seen in "Medical Top Team, also attended. He has worked with Song Seung Hoon more than once. They both had roles in the 2002 film "Make It Big" and again in the 2008 film "Fate."

Kim Jung Eum, last seen in the comedy "Ohlala Couple," knows Song Seung Hoon from the days when GM represented both of them. The actors left that agency for Storm S at the same time.

Hong Seok Chan, who currently appears in "Triangle," was also in attendance. The actors worked together in "Three Men and Three Women," and have been friends since. Hong Seok Chan, whose career temporarily suffered when he was open about his sexual orientation, has described Song Seung Hoon as his ideal type.

Song Seung Hoon's "When A Man Loves A Woman" co-star Chae Jeong An also attended. The two are represented by the same agency and she currently appears in the amnesia drama "A New Leaf."

K-pop stars Sully of f(x), Heechul from Super Junior and 2 AM's Changmin  showed up to support Song Seung Hoon. But he was not the only star that attracted other celebrity guests to the premiere.

Jo Yeo Jeong, who plays Lee Sook Jin in the film, was happy to see her best friend actress Park Ye Jin and singer-actress Clara at the premiere. Park Ye Jin also appeared with Song Seung Hoon in "My Princess." Singer-actress Clara, last seen in "Emergency Couple."

Celebrity friends also turned out for On Joo Won, who plays Song Seung Hoon's subordinate officer in the drama. His guests included Lee Chung Ah, his "The Five" co-star and No Min Woo, last seen in "God's Gift - 14 Days."

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