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Han Groo And Yeon Woo Jin Headline Upcoming Comedy About Love And Marriage

BY Julie Jones | May 21, 2014 02:48 PM EDT


There is usually more than one translation of a k-drama's title but the translations for one upcoming drama seem to differ more than most. Some are calling the drama "Marriage, Not Dating" while other reports are calling it "Marriage Without Love."

Those two titles make it sound like the comedy will be about an arranged marriage. But the writers of "Expecting Romance" penned this 16-episode romantic comedy about a woman who can't seem to get married and a man who doesn't want to.

Casting for this comedy is almost complete. According to a CJ E&M representative, "Han Groo, Yeon Woo Jin, Jinwoon and Sunhwa will star in the new tvN Friday-Saturday drama."

Yeon Woo Jin, who played Lee Jae Hee in "When A Man Loves," will play Gong Gi Tae, the man with no desire to marry. Han Groo, who played Han Hye Jin's younger sister in "One Warm Word," will play Joo Jang Mi, the woman with no wedding luck.

Gong Gi Tae is happy being a bachelor but his family does not want him to stay single. He comes up with a plan to get his family to back down. He will bring home a girlfriend that they would never approve of and make it look like he is eager to be married and they are just being too critical. That girlfriend is Joo Jang Mi.

Since it's a comedy it's a given that his careful plans will not proceed smoothly. Joo Jang Mi could be just the kind of girl his parents like. And if she is not, he may wind up falling in love with her anyway.

The comedy also stars two idols that are making a successful transition to acting. 2AM's Jung Jin Woon plays Han Yeol Eum, a rich bad boy who does not believe in love. But then he meets Joo Jang Mi and changes his mind about love. The 2AM singer made his acting debut in "Dream High 2."

Secret's Han Sunhwa plays Kang Se Ah, a student who attends medical school with Gong Gi Tae. She does not believe in marriage but may well complete the comedy's love square. Sunhwa recently played Jo Seung Woo's sidekick Jenny in "God's Gift - 14 Days" and won praise for her performance.

The romantic comedy will also star Park Jun Gyu, Kim Gap Soo and Kim Hye Sook. It is scheduled to follow Gapdong in June.

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