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Reason for Chun Jung Myung’s Breakup Was Privacy Exposure

BY Staff Reporter | May 27, 2014 03:03 PM EDT


As actor Chun Jung Myung's non-celebrity girlfriend broke up with him recently, people are speculating whether the reason for the breakup was too much privacy exposure from dating a celebrity. Chun Jung Myung's girlfriend's friend said on the phone interview with TV Report, "She broke up with Chun Jung Myung after the dating rumors. She is not a celebrity. But after having her picture snapped by the paparazzi, she had to go through a lot for somebody who is not a celebrity for the past week." The same friend added that, "Celebrities can live with the rumors. But for non-celebrities, this is too cruel."

Chun Jung Myung's non-celebrity girlfriend had been stressed out of too much exposure due to news reports that were not thoroughly fact-checked. In addition to the pictures of Chun Jung Myung and his girlfriend, there were profiles of the girlfriend online. The friend explained that, "She received a lot of stress (from it), and decided that it would be better to end the relationship."

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