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'I Just Want to Love" Lee Kyu Han's Decision

BY Staff Reporter | May 28, 2014 09:55 PM EDT


Lee Kyu Han talked about why he is appearing in the drama "I Just Want to Love."

On May 28th, the staff of "I Just Want to Love", the new daily drama, held a production presentation on the 13th floor of Seoul Mokdong SBS Building.  Participating in the drama were Suh Ha Joon, Lim Se Mi, Lee Kyu Han, Nam Bo Rah, Yoon Jong Hoon, Kim Ye Won and other key actors and actresses.

On this day of the production presentation, Lee Kyu Han plays the role of a director on the board of directors, Jae Min, who works for a clothing company.  He talked about the reason for appearing in the drama and said, "When I first received the offer, I was interested.  I looked into who the other protagonist was and I found that it was Nam Bo Rah.  I looked online and searched for her and found that Nam Bo Ra was really really young" he started.

Then he said, "I found that such opportunity would not come easily so I suddenly decided to go ahead and capture this opportunity" and started to laugh.  In actuality, Lee Kyu Han and Nam Bo Ra have a nine year difference.

In the drama, Jae Min starts to feel love for an unwed mother Saet Byul (played by Nam Bo Ra) who came to help out with housework.

The drama "I Just Want to Love" will be broadcast at 7:20PM on June 2nd for the first time.

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