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'I Just Want to Love" Nam Bo Ra Not Changing

BY Staff Reporter | May 28, 2014 09:57 PM EDT


Is it possible to have a daily drama without a scandalous plot? "I Just Want to Love" started this difficult challenge.

On May 28th, the staff of "I Just Want to Love", the new daily drama, held a production presentation on the 13th floor of Seoul Mokdong SBS Building.  Participating in the drama were Suh Ha Joon, Lim Se Mi, Lee Kyu Han, Nam Bo Rah, Yoon Jong Hoon, Kim Ye Won and other staff members such as Kim Young Sup the drama department leader, director Ahn Kil Ho and writer Choi Yoon Jung.

"I Just Want to Love" features themes of unwed mothers and older male/younger female couples.  The drama also features themes about blood ties and adoption as well as stereotypes about wealth and poverty.  The drama seeks to have the protagonist couple break such stereotypes as the story of the romance and the people around them portray a warm story.  The dedication is to create an emotional and fun drama with unique subject matters.

SBS wanted to avoid dramas with scandalous plots and are producing a piece.  At this, "I Just Want To Love" is one such piece.  At this, director Kim Young Sup says, "I wanted to take out as much scandal as possible to make a drama that we can all enjoy as a family unit.  There is a young love between young people aside from the family love as well" as he was confident.

The staff echoed that this was not a scandalous drama and said that they made it with a lot of passion and a great script. Writer Choi Yoon Jung also emphasized the warmth of the drama and said that it would be best to lift everyone's mind with this drama in the wake of the Sewol ferry incident.

Like this, "I Just Want to Love" is a non-scandalous drama and this will not be a task for a daily drama meant towards housewives.

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