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Introducing The Man In Your Life To K-Dramas

BY Julie Jones | Jun 02, 2014 10:01 AM EDT


If the amount of time you spend watching k-dramas is starting to interfere with your relationship, there's only one solution. Get  the man in your life to watch k-dramas with you.

There's no need to give up the person you love for the entertainment you love.

Your boyfriend may not realize how entertaining k-dramas can be and assume they are all about romance. While k-dramas do deliver some of the best romantic moments, there are plenty that will also appeal to viewers who love action, science fiction themes or concern themselves primarily with male characters.

Here are a few that he may appreciate:

"City Hunter": Of all of Lee Min Ho's dramas, this one offers the most entertaining action. It's gritty, fast paced and action driven. Lee Min Ho plays a character that was raised to fulfill his adoptive father's mission but finds that the goal is not as righteous as he imagined. He must question his purpose in life and decide whether he wants to be a pawn in his adoptive father's revenge.

"Iris": One of the most expensive Korean dramas ever made, it stars Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee as members of Korea's National Security Services. The two agents find themselves at the center of an international conspiracy plotted by the military society known as Iris. The society seeks to prevent the reunification of the Korean Peninsula. They have no qualms about sacrificing the agent played by Lee Byung Hun. The series was so successful, it led to a feature film, spin off and a sequel.

"Phantom": This police drama, starring So Ji Sub and Daniel Choi, takes place largely in the cyber world. The search for clues in a mysterious death leads to a policeman and his former friend, a hacker, switching identities. To uncover the crime, the hacker hero named Hades must follow a trail of corruption that leads to some prominent places.

A Gentleman's Dignity: This comedy, starring Jang Dong Gun, is about the lives of four forty-something professional men. One is a playboy who falls in love only to be rebuffed for the first time in his life. Another is a lawyer whose wife died four years ago. It has taken him a long time to fall in love again. Another man is married to a rich woman but his flirting causes problems in his marriage. To make things even more interesting, a teenager comes to Korea looking for his father. He is sure it's one of these four men.

Once you can get your guy to watch a few k-dramas, you will never have to worry about how to spend your time together again. Are there any other k-dramas you would suggest for the men in your life? Let us know.

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