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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date Set On 2015! How Much Of An Upgrade Is It From S5? Is it Worth The Upgrade?

BY Joey Parsons | Jun 20, 2014 08:32 AM EDT


Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date: Concept images are a thing of yesterday. In today's time, videos are the way to go.
Bob Freking got it absolutely right when he produced a video which revealed his concept design for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This next sequel in the Galaxy S-line of devices is expected to be coming next year and Bob created it in a way that it appeals to the masses. For starters, the Galaxy S6 will finally enjoy a more premium feel with its aluminium body.

The Galaxy S6 is also water and dust proof. As a matter of fact, it will introduce a new technology that will prevent overheating. The whole structure of the device is tough. There is a display screen which measures 5.2" of 2K Super AMOLED. Another perk included is a set of stereo speakers fixed at the sides of the Galaxy S6.

Beneath the case, the visualized sixth-generation Galaxy S will be powered by a 64bit octa-core processor packed together with a 20.5MP ISOCELL camera, 3500mAh battery, 5G, fingerprint scanner, CMOS sensor and a choice of 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

Rumors and concepts of the Samsung Galaxy S6, though no release date has been set but will probably be out on 2015, may include a 20MP rear camera, 4-7 front camera, 64GB of internal memory, a longer life span of the phone's battery, wireless charging and possible a flexible or curved glass.

As most may have noticed, most concepts for future releases from phones even in the iPhone 6 and other future Samsung phones, the trend was to have either a curved body, flexible body or an almost frameless display in the phone.

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