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"You're All Surrounded" Reaches 200 Million Views In China

BY Chin D | Jun 25, 2014 01:16 PM EDT


"You're All Surrounded" is becoming a big hit in China.

On June 25, representatives from the drama announced that "You're All Surrounded" has reached over 200 million views on the streaming site QQ Video, and is ranked as the third most viewed drama in the website, besting other top Chinese dramas in the count.

The production team considers this an impressive feat, especially since the first two dramas in the list have already been concluded, while "You're All Surrounded" is the only ongoing drama on the list.

It also became a trending topic in Baidu, Wiebo, and other networking sites and search engines in the country.

Lee Seung Gi's popularity in China was highlighted, with his previous drama "Gu Family Book" ranking seventh place in the same list.

Representatives from the drama stated, "Lee Seung Gi has been giving his best in filming for this drama, and he is very focused in portraying his character Eun Dae Gu. He hopes to return the love and support by showing a good performance and acting well."

In related news, a company from Beijing has issued a memorandum against their workings staying overtime at the office to stream the drama using the company's fast internet.

Catch Lee Seung Gi in "You're All Surrounded" every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.

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